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Groverhaus, sometimes referred to as Grover House, refers to the construction of a DIY home addition by Something Awful forums user grover.

nerd linux shit 


Twitter now let’s us doom scroll vertically AND horizontally! Truely revolutionary disruption!

This started as a joke, but every time it triggers I get a little depressed.

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FYI If you want to find Twitch Streams without viewers, there's

It's mostly good to find obscure streamers, but also odd ones once in a while

I came across an actual cactus on a desk somewhere

Mass-producible open-source Covid-19 ARDS ventilator 

Makair ventilator is the first open-source ventilator tested with success on human patients

those “brand” trial scooter cost more per distance than a taxi... so what’s the point? Giving money to startups to offer a worse result?

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It’s illegal to use electric scooters in Adelaide?!

Seems brands have paid licences for access limited to the CBD? What dumb neoliberal policy is this? DFIT_SA + CityofAdelaide

I’ve just returned from Asia where these things are everywhere and ubiquitous.

“The president is willing to concede if certain conditions are met”

I knew my sister was a tory But she might also be an anti-vax.... *Grumbles*

I'm writing a five part investigative Podcast about the famous Adelaide One Way Expressway.

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