Can somebody explain Forrest Gump to me?

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auspol shitposting 

@liamvhogan “why can’t government be run more like a business”

*monkey paw twitches*

1) Yes
2) I've been working on Docker Doco

This is actually complete as a guide but I need to update it for newer ubuntu

While this is some nerd shit - Sonos is a fucking expensive "luxury" brand built on the cheapest fucking parts apparently?

I mean the speakers sound cool but sweet jesus! These are also the new gen2 speakers, not the discontinued gen 1 models they turned into paperweights.

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Last year I got two Sonos speakers... Discovered the network hardware is 8~ years old, and only connects as older 802.11G and can't see any modern versions

plus If you're using PMF (even as optional) as required by WPA3 - they will just straight not connect to the WIFI anymore.

@mike 25 minutes of outage is still within my imaginary SLA ;)

"I saw the worst politicians of my generation destroyed by madness, dragging themselves through the Canberra streets at dawn looking for an angry vote."

"BOOOOOOOOOOOO" - me at me

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T-236 days till launch 🚀

Kawaiicon 2
November 12-13, 2021
Michael Fowler Centre - Wellington, NZ

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