ME: Asking Mastodon developers to make the UX less hot trash.
Them: No.

<Snark> I know FOSS UX is meant to be as aggressively painful and unintuitive to scare away the normies or whatever but what's the point of an anti-social social-network UX

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@shlee FLORIAN: "Please use the [non-existent] forum search function before logging a bug in the tracker. I note that the UX reads perfectly for me auf Deutsch. Closing"

@shlee wouldn't want The Wrong Sort Of People being able to work out how to use your social network now!

@shlee the people who code and the people who design have little overlap. Very few can do both to an acceptable level

While developers for some reason found it beneficial to share and collaborate on code and do it at ever growing scale, that is not common behavior in other areas

This has been the Achilles heel of #opensource because without good UX the adoption and diffusion suffers

@shlee "in my social network I want to post publicly but ideally no one outside my instance should ever discover my posts" — "btw please don't all come to my instance bc the tech only scales to ca 10k users per instance" 🤪

Did you submit any change or just said 'me dont like. Make prittier'.
Usually the problem is that foss projects lack hands to work. Also ui/ux is subjective thing. I for one like mastodon ui even though i dont use it. And i think its too simple amd lacking ton of possible features because of it simplicity.'
So yeah i dont.know what and how you suggested but seeing as you are using term normie (as if you are somehow better and not normie yourself) tends to point in the quoted direction of someone demanding stuff to be the way he wants it instead of providing improvements.

@muppeth thanks for demonstrating the point so vividly with your condescending post

@shrimp eating mammal I think calling others normies is pretty condensending and setting the tone. Also I came across a lot of poeple that talk a lot in demanding tone at the same time not doing much themself. I find it also condesending to assume FOSS devs are making (in ops mind) UI bad on purpose to close the door from as he calls normies.

Truth is developing FOSS software is as hard as doing a commercial one. The difference is how much money is available for commercial and how big of a teams you have on there. Sure it's easy to complain that UI of the app you are uising is not as good (in your opinion) then the one from multi billion dollar corporation, but perhaps instead of complaining, one should actually try to work on it to either help or at least see that it isn't that easy.

@shlee 👏 yes! a lot of this isn't accessibly explained

i didn't even know my logins were instance specific when i first joined because it did say it anywhere in the signup

i can give you some help and information if you want it :blobfoxheart:

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