I've been using snapchat for about a year now (snap score over 10k btw) and it surprised me how many friends use it as their main messaging app.

A federated snapchat that you could host and invite friends, with a good/secure mobile app that is easy to use would be a game changer!

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@dansup Absolutely. I'd love to see "the federverse" take on all of the major players and clone them all

We need a Snapchat
We need a Tumblr
I'd love a Livejournal

I've said for ages, that functionally, most social networks are the same. Twitter/instagram/tumblr is just a different UX for the same flow - but what each of those apps have is a culture.

Tumblr for a short while, was queer and sexy and creative as fuck,. The culture made it. The Federverse needs to enable culture as much as users

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@dansup building community thru broadcasting to followers (twitter).. is slightly different than via reblogging and remixing/commenting (tumblr).. is slightly different than group threads (facebook).. is different than hashtags (tumblr) etc etc.

How people use the tools and how it enables communities and culture is important!

The lack of a global and historical global hashtag search is important to any tumblr style which hashtags are part of the core.

@shlee @dansup write.as could be the Live journal replacement. Dreamwith is open source, so someone could merge that into Fediverse somehow?

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