I have just released Hometown v1.0.5+3.4.0! This release adds no new features, it simply brings Hometown up to date with Mastodon v3.4.0.



@darius hey, so I'm considering forking from master to hometown... but I'm interested to know if you're willing/able to add the admin account auto follow on new account creation.

@shlee I don't know. That was removed fairly recently, right? If it is like a line of code I would consider it. If it's a bigger reversion then probably not.


@darius I doubt it's a major change.

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@shlee can you tell me what version number it was removed in? That would save me time tracking it down

@shlee thanks -- at first glance this appears to be a few hundred lines of code across 16 different files. This would be a lot of labor to keep up for me. I might be able to get away with just hacking back in 30 or so lines of code but every time I do that I end up regretting it...

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