Last year I got two Sonos speakers... Discovered the network hardware is 8~ years old, and only connects as older 802.11G and can't see any modern versions

plus If you're using PMF (even as optional) as required by WPA3 - they will just straight not connect to the WIFI anymore.

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While this is some nerd shit - Sonos is a fucking expensive "luxury" brand built on the cheapest fucking parts apparently?

I mean the speakers sound cool but sweet jesus! These are also the new gen2 speakers, not the discontinued gen 1 models they turned into paperweights.

@shlee As far as I know they are still running a 2.6 or earlier Linux kernel which limits them somewhat. For instance, they speak only SMB1 so you have to re-enable that ancient protocol on your NAS.

I got sick of their wireless annoyances (they dumb-bridge the wired and wireless networks so heaven help your STP-aware equipment) so I plugged them all in via Ethernet and disabled the wireless entirely.

Am still waiting for them to support SMB2 before I buy any more.

@futzle @shlee oh dear. Yet more evidence that IoT has a very long way to go. Thanks for the heads up on this; I'll be sure not to buy speakers without researching their capabilities carefully!

@shlee gosh, they market that 2.4GHz like it's such an amazing feature!

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