My last day in Singapore. I wanted to do some tourist shit.

Tenet is a shit Primer, but the actors are hot.

please don't anthropomorphise math.

Machine Learning....

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I blogged about the ACCC and Google/Facebook thing. It's long, about 5,500 words:

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“Why six screens? Because I haven't got enough room for eight.” – Terry Pratchett

Watching the Pixelfed Development and waiting to release a new instance on

Respect to @pixeldev for their hard work tho.

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This is a weird tweet but I love bad art. I made a joke teasing something I love.

I’m a fan of something, made a joke targeted at fans of the thing but somebody told me off for teasing them personally. the fact they got the joke means we both connected in that moment as equals. As friends. Not enemies. But they didn’t see the connection.

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Always been of the feelpinion that art criticism should be loud & brutal while equally everybody should enjoy all of their things unapologetically.

"I like this thing, hearing somebody say it's bad means they're calling me a bad person" is a sad take. Love your art!🥰

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My album of the year for 2020 is going to be Oathbreaker - Rheia for the forth year in a row.

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I'm no master cake artist, but I'm sure having fun making fondant party parrots.

The NBN died during a educational live stream I'm assisting with ... Thanks for nothing you criminally negligent hacks.

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” - George Eliot

So I built a geiger counter...and basically made a big list of stuff in my house that isn't radioactive at all

I don't know what I expected.. but also why am I disappointed?

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