Just heard Lizzo for the first time..... 👌

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Thanks to @emacsomancer for forwarding to me this article about "demetrification" of social media wired.com/story/internet-healt (not showing like counts, follower counts, etc) and how dramatically user behavior is changed when we do expose these things.

On BoingBoing: boingboing.net/2019/09/12/flic

I'm here to kick ass and get things done.. and I'm all out of ass

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! The Mooncakes are on me!

got a xiaomi vac and the design/packaging is so “Johny Ives”ish.... hope it sucks

the work all hands meeting AV failed….. so I started playing music over my open phone mic

“So why were you fired?” I turned our company wide CEO keynote into a Karaoke party.

The difference between dogs and people is that dogs know how to be dogs.

is my favourite toot from 2013

"Send emails to all your patrons when you make a pledge" UNTICKS THAT.... Thanks Patreon.

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

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did you know that there's a pair of peregrine falcons that nest in an alcove of 367 collins st, melbourne? and that you can watch them hatch and raise their chicks LIVE?


#melbourne #australia #birds

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There is this tech store on the ground floor in Sim Lim square that sells everything like 300% plus markup on everything.

Two HDMI cables and a few other parts for $139? Keeping the doors open by stealing from the people who don't know better.


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