Firstly, the Apple store don't segregate their network?

secondly, "Runners Cage?"... like is this were they keep the apple employees that try to escape?

I'm looking after a sausage dog, and you can all be sure. When I say "ooooh big stretch", I'm not fucking around.

Lots of spam today. Thanks to everybody who is reporting this stuff.

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@zap @mike Hey, how do I submit bug reports for zap?
Mastodon is reporting issues.

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:skelethor: Sydney people! I have a spare ticket to Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle tonight. DM if you want it (will accept free if you’re strapped)

Twitch thinks I'm a "suspicious user".... I'm a mod on this dudes channel

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he/him 40, seratonin depleted fibromyalgia sufferer, queer/poly, anarchist, synthesist and composer (aggregate music system), fascinated with fancy geometry, vegan cook, loves monster movies. Good source for TV show recommendations or vegan recipes. I don't leave the house much anymore, might post pictures of my cats if we're lucky

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Hi, I’m Deborah (Debbie, Deb), I live in , Australia. I am a Gen X parent to 3 and 2 which I toot about liberally.
I am the sysadmin at a plastics company. You can follow the saga at (or mute if you’re just here for the pets).
I write short stories at @FutzleFiction, posting 2-3 times weekly, with a SF theme.
Interests: , especially , , ; , , , , , ; , especially ; .
I am trаns but I seldom talk about that.

I always CW these topics: food, medical, politics, eye contact. I always describe images. I may add image descriptions to your posts so that I can boost them.
I have a very long list of muted terms. Thank you for using them consistently and CWing your posts.

Followers with no profile and no posts will find themselves softblocked. If your posts are set to followers-only, I suggest interacting with me first. No flirting, please.
I block users who post: white supremacy, racism, queerphobia of all kinds, anti-vax and far-right political content, porn.

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recent mastodon recruit after getting the shits with the zuck empire. youngest of the millennials. owner of one very large and stupid orange cat. living on lands (that's so-called ). weaponised adhd and specialising in , traditional , (+ brewing) and preserves, video and .
interested in everything.

currently projects include hand tufted rugs, apple cider, scanning old gaming mags, renovating my house, woodworking, conceptualising, being a fucking nuisance.

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