lol.. the anti-abuse bot detected me saying "bitcoin should die".

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I will not be spending that much money. I will be begging my work to spend that much money.

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oooh sweet. A new macbook pro...

Your bag total is A$5,249.00


bunnings awarehouse: Self actualisation is just the beginning.

"SA Health Essential Traveller Exemption Application Receipt"

I swear that every time I check this Google adds another hour onto this trip

Aaaaaaaargh next weekend we're running 5 Twitch channels at the same time from my house for PAX Aus online! Everything is ready and tested tho

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iOS 15 quietly gave us all the diacritics needed to spell Indigenous Australian words properly. :firstnations:

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I wish I ever learnt to code. It would have made my job in *checks notes* computers. So much easier.

Does anyone else commit the crime of doing unauthorized repairs to the place they rent?

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