Hamilton.... definitely not a good history lesson, but the cast deserve all of the hype.
Hat tip to everybody on cast and crew

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@MattHatton thanks for your report. That dude had 11 other complaints in 6 hours.

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If you haven't been following it, the transparency collective DDoSecrets published 270gb of hacked police data called #BlueLeaks.

In response, yesterday,Twitter permanently banned their account and started blocking all links to ddosecrets.com/

Everyday we stray further from god's light, and into the Cool Zone.

Building a new VM to migrate aus.social from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04.... (should allow me to support TLS 1.3)

"69 packages can be upgraded" nice

“Adelaide sucks” is just MAGA for Victorians.

Going to get some Xiaolongbao from Din Tai Fung

My design for People learning to drive in a manual.

<until driverless cars are mainstream>

Speaking with Trump voters about Antifa. Might be worth turning it into something public.

"Antifa is the far too similar as saying you're a pacifist and then Bill Barr starts going after the terrorist organization *Conscientious Objectors*"

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