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I'm fasting, and couldn't be more hungry... aaaarrgghh

"Mr.4 went quiet during dinner and refused to eat his steak because it was cut too small and he's not a baby like Miss.2... Now I understand he's hit that I'm not a baby phase but I just ate his steak.. so checkmate baby"

I just got shamed on the internet because I’m not engaged in deep anime lore. Sorry I’ve never hear of ZORA and Raya. I’m never asking questions on the internet again.

I deserve this.

Dividing and gliding and sliding, and falling and brawling and sprawling, and driving and riving

And striving.


rant about YouTubers 

Let’s build a culture of people just stopping. Once you’ve made it big enough, got your bag, and just farm content - just stop - The void will be filled by other talent. There are personalities to replace you. We thank you for your service veteran, You don’t need to fight anymore

2022 resolution is to read more books, eat more cheese, and kiss more babes.

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*Jon Spencer Blues Explosion plays in the background*

When people reply to my complaints about the government with “well what do you think we should do?”

In this scenario, am I a god, a politician, or a terrorist? Because right now, I’m a civilian with no authority to action any meaningful change - so your question sucks.

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It seems the Lizzies is a covid spreader event. Hope all of those nerds recover quickly. Stay safe.

iPhone people. Patchy Patchy iOS 15.2 has a lot of security fixes.

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