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This is a spectacular lockdown tweet but today I read Friedrich Engels. If you want to understand where I'm at.

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If you can't handle me at my Pinky ... you don't deserve me at my Brain.

You can't flirt your way out of your problems this time!

I have no problem with Musicals, but Hamilton is delightful propaganda. The history of Aaron Burr, Hamilton & 'Manhattan Company' condemns them both without redemption.

"In New York you can hide from your problems, reimagine your faults and ignore your past for your own benefit"

So Sydney government is anti-lockdown..

but “tell us you’re in a lockdown without being a lockdown”

Today I accidentally left the following line in my code.
case 402: errorString = "Fuck you pay me";

Luckily I changed it to "Payment Required" before anybody else got to it.

I've been avoiding a conversation for years, and I think I'll get to get everything off my chest soon which is going to be amazing. GOOD. LORD.

Best part is, nothing is going to be affected by this, no closure, no peace, just honesty.

Tried twice today.… going to go for a walk now because I’m out of crying for now

Telling people I'm coming back home to Adelaide for my birthday, but mostly just coming to drink at Ancient World.

If you know you know.

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