Part of the announcement that the hacker gave with their recent hack of an offshore bank~ :3

(The skeleton says 'Be gay, do crimes!' in Spanish :3)


You can get it cumming
You can get it thumbing
You can get it gerling a tao
Matter of fact I've got it now

I’m sick. Got a fever and everything is too hot or too cold or too bright

The impeachment public testimony are spoilers.

new rule, if you're not cuddling me in bed you don't get to talk to me about the global cyberwar
people come to the fediverse fleeing the speech-restricted fascist Indian state.

the safety of these individuals are in our hands as fediverse developers.

and yet today, we have the same old broken thinking of building systems that have no adversarial element to their design.

what is it going to take to get people to start taking security seriously? will somebody have to be killed by the state? nobody took me seriously when I said that people use the tools they know to work around oppression, not the tools with the best design. they found it laughable!

but here we go, it is happening. we are here, those oppressed by the state are here, and soon the state will be here. what happens next?

when somebody disappears because they put their faith in the security model we have built and it fails them (which will happen, get ready for it) will we laugh at these people for using our platform or will we actually fix things?

what is it going to take to fundamentally shift the mindset towards a security-first mantra?

"From bogans to bubble tea: The Wellington hacker war that wasn’t".... Kawaiicon/Kiwicon this year was lovely and pure and good.

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