Watching the movie Contagion during this pandemic is a kink.

Denies further magnets

"naa mate, I've had enough magnets."

Australians don't wear masks for the same reason they don't eat MSG. Racism.

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eugen is the establishment candidate. dansup is the corporate puppet. kaniini is the accelerationist hellraiser. goat is the champion of the people

If you are hearing this I am no more ... I am no less either in fact my current atomic mass has not dramatically changed at all since the start of this sentence.

Asuka wears red.
Shinji wears blue.
Netflix didn't licence Fly Me To The Moon.

I love getting messages from my monitoring solution telling me is down, while I'm using it..

but I just got a message that it's back up now. so thats good.

Remember @JoshFrydenberg laughing at the 'wellbeing budget' like a god damn Psychopath.

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