My perpetual frustration using Linux: every major upgrade breaks my desktop in ways that make me scratch my head.
Today's frustration is... forgetting to lock my computer causes Gnome to crash hard when it tries to lock itself.

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@screenbeard Which distro? I haven't had an upgrade break anything in a very long time.

Thank you for asking @matt. This time it's Fedora 31->32, last time it was Pop!_OS 19.04->19.10.
I don't know what I'm doing to myself between versions but each time I upgrade a distro I find major bugs in stuff I didn't expect.
On top of Gnome crashing, Docker has networking problems (resolved) and Pulseaudio isn't behaving (ongoing but might be related to the Docker issues).

@screenbeard strange. I went from Pop!_OS 18.04 right thought to 20.04 and everything is fine. I wonder if it’s something wonky with your machine?


@kev @matt more likely something wonky with how I run my OS. I try new things and when they don't work I read helpful forum posts or StackOverflow threads that suggest changing settings I don't understand. Then things stop working again when the OS upgrades. Which I still feel like is a failure of the Linux community to a degree. But I accept... let's say... 85% of the responsibility. I'm *very* keen to try Silverblue or NixOS just to isolate my OS from myself better.

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