I know it's real with work, but is burnout possible with life in general? I think I have that.

Mesh wifi - opinions? 

I'm looking for a basic mesh wifi setup - to boost upstairs (not strictly necessary), but also to extend into my elderly neighbour's house (close) so she can have internet / netflix etc during lockdown.

Opinions? I can't justify spending a lot, currently looking at the cheapest 3 unit system - Tenda Nova MW3.

Drawn eye contact 

You've gone and done it. Only one response to my avatar query so now I've gone and drawn my own.

It still needs some work 'cause it's not exactly what I want yet.

I used Pincelate (a machine learning model of phonetics and spelling I've been working on) to name the deadly sins in between the other deadly sins


Finally ordered a new modem/router only to discover that they're not actually in stock!

Now I need to start my research all over again!

Wants: A (preferably open source) interface like or forked from Tomato or DD - or one that will let me upgrade easily after the warranty period.

High reliability and customisability.

Modem/router preferable, but router on it's own ok.

Was going to get an ASUS 68U and everyone said it would be great. Have had and would not be happy with: TP-Link, AVM

does anyone know how to federate a static generated site (like from hugo, nikola, ...) using activitypub?

Well it wasn't on the website store, but was in the *actual* store, so I've bought it I guess?

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Good job Mozilla, advertise the browser I'm already using inside the browser itself, using a blog post from your site that's over two years old now with out of date screenshots, to a person who's already using stricter settings than what you're advertising.


Got a retro gaming itch that I thought I could scratch with a Retropie/arcade hardware combo. Then I realised that there's only a few retro games I would actually want to play and one of them would be Bubble Bobble.

Good news! There's a remake for the Nintendo Switch that allows 4 players! I could buy that instead and play it with my kids!

EXCEPT no release in Australia. 😩 Could have had so much fun with that with the kids.

I wanted to know what I'd look like if I kept my beard but nixed my moustache, so I used a computer to edit a photo of myself to remove it.

I had no idea I looked so much like Henry Cavill!

I can surmise one of three possibilities:
1) The hundreds, nay, thousands of people who read my website do so with "Do Not Track" enabled, as I have Matomo set to respect this setting.
2) Millions still are reading via their preferred feed reader.
3) No one is reading my website.

I need a friendly face for people to talk to when they interact with me here or elsewhere instead of an impersonal rocket ship. I made the rocket for my website, but I reckon I need a more personal avatar.

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Is there anyone on here I can commission to make me a nice friendly (hopefully flattering) avatar? Something that's obviously me, but more unique than a computer generated one? Happy to pay if I can find the right person.

Me: I don't know enough about any subject to write on it authoritatively, and it makes me feel unskilled and useless.

Also me: this took me ages to grok and I've finally mastered it, but if I can do it it mustn't be particularly difficult, so it's not worth writing about.

US: *points at rifle* that's an M1
*points at carbine* that's an M1
*points at submachine gun* that's an M1

everyone else, crying: US you can't just call everything the M1!

US, pouting: FINE *points at machine gun* that's an M2
*points at tank* that's an M2

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Firefox file share is on hiatus, so I need a quick way to send a file from one computer to another that won't give me viruses or require me to install anything on one of them, Windows VM to Linux host.
Any ideas?

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