After the trouble I've had and will continue to have with my linux setup, I'm convinced that an immutable containerised distro is the way to go. Silverblue appears to be the current gold standard, and I'm keen to switch, but my months with Fedora as my daily driver make me question the sense in continuing with an RPM-based system when every goddamn piece of software I find is first and foremost APT-based. Is there a Debian-based containerised immutable distro out there? I can't find one.

Best end-to-end encrypted file backup/sync product that isn't Nextcloud or Owncloud: go.

Great. Fedora has gone from crashing Gnome when I walk away and leave it to lock itself, to crashing Gnome when I lock it manually. Or copy text to the clipboard. Or just exist.

My perpetual frustration using Linux: every major upgrade breaks my desktop in ways that make me scratch my head.
Today's frustration is... forgetting to lock my computer causes Gnome to crash hard when it tries to lock itself.

Is Homebrew (app manager) useful for Linux? I get why you might use it for MacOS and scoop or chocolatey for Win, but we've got about 1 million package managers already - are enough developers supporting or distributing through Homebrew to make it worthwhile for a linux user?

Horror story pitch: a society locked down due to a contagious disease is threatened by a slimy creature formed from thousands of sourdough discards collecting in the sewers, seeking revenge.

They struggle to form a united strategy and share information due to enforced isolation, and its ability to reconstitute itself from small pieces in any warm place (sequel hook).

The final confrontation takes place in warehouse full of flour which is rigged to explode, and toast rains from the sky.


If they'd called it CovidTrace I'd have fewer issues with it.

But, why call something what it is, when you can give the impression it's a magic shield?

What's the best way I can ensure a loved one is getting the best medical treatment and advice they can get when it seems no one has given them the full picture of what's happening with their health. I feel like their GP has dropped the ball and all the specialists they've talked to appear to be non-communicative until minutes before procedures are about to happen.

@kev I just saw a toot of @mike flow past me in the federated timeline and thought for a second "oh, that's a nice new blue avatar kev has" before name differences, website changes and just general not-being-you-ness caught up and... this is just a long way of saying at small resolution your avatars make you look like twins.

Somewhere in the multiverse there's a control universe where coronavirus never happened, and in the over-verse anthropologists and behavioural psychologists are freaking out right now at the wealth of data they're gathering.

Playing Leena by Caravan Palace from "Chronologic" on repeat because Caravan Palace know how to make music that digs into my ear.

And I've just realised I pop out of the movie frame and I am on board.

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Happy Easter everyone! Kids are up, eggs are being hunted. It's a good day.

And I've just realised that was not clear I'm looking for and open to suggestions

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Burned my right hand - need the best Firefox keyboard navigation extension now more than ever.

With kids at home, my old laptop with 4Gb memory and one old Android v7 tablet is not cutting it for school work, and their mum needs a better device too. Tried using the stimulus to get tablets, but usable ones seem to start from 250, and a good one is at least 500.
Thought I'd investigate thin clients - no go.
What's the cheapest way to deck out three kids and a parent with new devices?

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