And now half way through downloading the Win10 Boot ISO for the second time, I finally find the recovery DVD I was SURE I'd made.

Broke my windows boot. Can boot my shiny new Fedora install just fine, but no dice on my Win10 install.

This would be fine, but I cannot get my work VPN running because proprietary drivers are fun! So I'm stuck downloading Win10 boot images and one-off utilities for making Windows bootable media....

I need a lie down.

So many garbage parties this year vying for the senate. The bin is not big enough for all of them.

@shlee are there any federated reddit clones (feddit?) you've found that are at a usable stage? Got any plans for something like this one day?

Linux nerds: I've got by desktop .bashrc and various other .whatevers set up just the way I like them locally, but whenever I start a new server, or ssh to a new system I have to do it all over again. What's the best way to keep some of this initial config centrally (github for example) and easily deploy where I'm working? I know I can ssh/sftp the files, but I figure this has to be "solved" by you guys already right?

I found WHERE you can disable auto-renew, and I'm willing to give them SOME benifit of the doubt, because their sales seem to go through a completely different website.

But the fact this isn't mentioned on the main account site, and when you try to cancel they make the "renew" button big and bright and the cancel button drab and small, and when you click it anyway they pop another screen with a discount and another button that says "renew" and the cancel button is still small and drab.

Making a customer contact customer support, so that the customer support agent can email SALES to cancel auto-renew on a product is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Looking at you Bitdefender.

Also - hosted on a central server for syncing, not client-to-client, but with E2E encryption.

Sorry, forgot to specify - with Linux/Windows/Android clients.

I'm looking for self-hosted Dropbox alternatives.

I've investigated NextCloud, and it seems alright, but it feels a little half-baked. I mean, it's probably fully-baked, but to my untrained eye it feels unpolished.

Are there any competitors that could hold up against Dropbox/Tresorit/ ?

Giving Brave browser a shot. Was happy enough with Firefox, but the acceptance of the HTML Ping attributes on URLs is worrysome, so I'd like to be prepared if I eventually feel like I want to give up Mozilla's browser.

So how do I get a customised avatar that I can use everywhere that doesn't look at people? Maybe a nice cartoon bunny @Tarale ?

Some interesting things I've noticed on the Mastadon federated timeline and the questions they raise:

1. The majority of selfies I see are behind content warnings. Is that a courtesy thing? Was there a memo I didn't get?

2. There seems to be a lot more thoughtfulness around content warnings to include a lot more than just nsfw content. Is that something common to Twitter? I haven't been there in a while.

3. There are a LOT of anime avatars on the federated timeline. Same question as above.

My antivirus subscription is about to renew. I need protection for a single Windows install and (theoretically) a Linux machine and a handful of android devices.

I have been using Bitdefender, and previously ESET. Looking for something effective but slightly less expensive than either of those if it exists.

Any suggestions?

I once found this mug once by accident at a random newsagent in a country town I don't visit often.

It's impossible to tell, but it's a giant mug, at like 850ml or 30oz. I should have bought it then and there because I knew I'd never find anything like it again. But then we left the store. I went back another time and STILL didn't buy it.

Biggest regret to this day. They're sold out now.

If I'm scrolling through your shitty long-ass article, don't pop an add for your newsletter half way through! Pop it at the top so I can close that tab early.

Fail early, fail often.

I loved the Neverhood as a kid, and the radio puzzle stuck with me:
The music was fun, but the radio tuning static really stuck out to me.

Imagine my shock to find out it's a Star Trek TOS sound effect called "Garbled Radio Message" - which also makes an appearance on the Ensign's Log podcast.

I always had an unspoken soft spot for Rhianna's Umbrella. Now I've found this cover by Annella I can listen to it in front of other people without shame.

@fribbledom I just read your pinned toot. I love I got a follow after asking how to block an entire instance, and your pinned message is about diversity. I 100% agree. But I don't need to see *everything* right?

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