Oh, and the reason I can't just leave the CopyQ setting as Meta+V is because due to this 8-year-old issue github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/, Cinnamon doesn't register the first press of a Meta shortcut and I have to hold the Super key and hit V twice to trigger the shortcut.

I honestly feel angry every time I have to dig into some obscure trivia to make something work on Linux I've been using for years on Windows. I know they're different, but they should be pleasantly different, not aggravatingly so.

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This is PRIMARY and clipboard all over again (ironic because I'm only using CopyQ because it's the only clipboard app I've found that handles PRIMARY the way I like).

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ARGH. Keyboard shortcuts are painful on Linux. Using Cinnamon, but with CopyQ (a KDE app?). I'm trying to map the shortcut to Win+V (Super+V). Because it's a KDE app it calls it Meta+V, which I didn't think mattered, but apparently they aren't the same thing because under the keyboard settings I can change the default behaviour of the Win key to act like a Meta key (but also a Hyper key?). But both these break the behaviour of the Super key to open the menu.

My wife just gave me a late Christmas present, a super comfortable cap with my website on the front, so I can promote myself everywhere I go.

Guess I should put some posts up some day.

Just learned the term echosphere in regards to Parler and think it's fantastic.

I know about sites like Urban Dictionary, and I've found articles counting down the newest slang from 2020, but are there any sites purely dedicated to teaching parents the latest slang their teens are using, purely for the purposes of repeating them slightly out of context to make our kids cringe? I could use a site like that now.

I wish my PS4 would stop telling me off for improperly powering it off when it loses power due to a power outage. I'm not a baby Sony.

And my attempt to fix my C64 only broke it harder than it already was and I'm starting to believe I'm not cut out for this.

Bit of a mixed emotion day today. We said goodbye to Wendy the duck who's going to a carer who can hopefully get her bonded to other ducks again. Then when we got home we discovered that Mabel, the chicken who's been missing a whole week was just REALLY broody and VERY well hidden.

Please don't cuddle native animal babies, unless you know what you're doing or have been instructed to by someone who does. Wendy is beautiful and I'd love to keep her but instead she's going to have a lonely night tonight, and some rehab in her future.

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And here's Wendy and myself watching the world together at the park we tried to release her. She and I are a lot alike. Photo courtesy of my partner.

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Meet Wendy, the Aussie Wood Duck who was the 4th of our 3/4ths successful release of her and her three sisters.

Unfortunately she'd been handled and loved by a family with small kids for a single day before we got her and now she's bonded to humans.

When we tried to release her, she just followed us around the park.

The next step is to pass her to a more experienced duck carer to do some intensive duck bonding with more of her own kind.

If you're after a genuinely excellent Christmas album, check out Sia's album Every Day is Christmas. music.youtube.com/playlist?lis

It's on loop at our place over Christmas each year.

Previous years can be found on my Soundcloud profile, or synced (where available) to YouTube Music here: music.youtube.com/channel/UCrO

DISCLAIMER: Youtube music is missing a LOT of the music from small artists on Soundcloud, so the sync program made some (terrible) substitutions.

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Fun fact - Muzak was/is a brand now partially genericised - like Kleenex for booger-wipes.

This year's Christmas Playlist that Doesn't Suck is out, and by Thor do we need things that don't suck this year.


Each year I make a playlist of various artist's arrangements of classic holiday songs to protest horrible xmas muzak.

Not all songs will be to everyone's tastes, but pop it on in the background while you're opening presents or tucking into the pud' and listen to some well known tracks by all sorts of artists.

Nooooo! Tried to remove a chip from my C=64 without a desoldering gun and ripped off a tracer. Then discovered I have no wire to replace it like some caveman. On the plus side, I have to go back to Jaycar because I bought the wrong socket size anyway, and I can get some wire then, so I've got that going for me...
So much for getting it done before Christmas.

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