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This is my pinned post. I see people with pinned posts, and they're the things people really want you to know about them before you follow them, so this is mine.

I got nothing to say in it, but here it is. Pinned.

Now you know all about me.

Photos from our recent holiday. Took a spontaneous detour to a lookout point. Place was deserted, quiet, kids ran on ahead before I saw the "seal" sign and they scared one off its resting spot. Fortunately he wasn't having any of our shit and yelled at us to back off and came back for a lie down and let us take a photo.

I've learned watching kids soccer is much more fun if you yell "boop!" anytime someone kicks the ball.

I have figured out how to do it in uBlock Origin with the following custom filter:

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Is there a way to stop the "getting started" pane from showing on the masto web app? When I open a thread and then click "back", it opens this pane and I do not want it

Pet death 

Fuck. Lost 8 chickens this weekend to I'm guessing a fox. I feel like a fucking idiot because we went away for two nights and thought the self-closing door would be enough and we wouldn't need a neighbour to check on them for a single day. Turns out foxes know when the house is empty and now my kids are completely wrecked

To change keyboard layouts, or not to change keyboard layouts? That is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The Ps and Ns of outrageous layout,
Or load firmware amidst a soup of letters,
And by persisting end them: to reach, to stretch;
No more; and by a stretch, to say we end
The RTYK, and the thousand natural shocks
The pinky's heir to?

Trying real hard to get used to my new ortholonear keyboard, but N and P are doing my head in.

Here's my over-crowded desk, at least while I get used to the Moonlander.

I have been putting off playing Metal Gear Solid V for years and finally started this week and it feels disrespectful now.

@rubenerd this toot and your post were weeks ago now, but I've got a moonlander on the way after some birthday money fell in my lap. I'll let you know how it goes.

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I'm sorry Matrix/Element. I tried. But the five people I convinced to switch with me just keep hitting frustrating bugs and it's just not worth it to keep insisting they use it to talk to me. I'm quitting you.

I had a premium YouTube subscription for the family because it wasn't much more than a family music subscription we could all share. Now we've switched to Spotify and Premium lapsed today. How do people use YouTube like this?! It's an awful experience. Now I need something to fill the "entertaining but occasionally educational" spot in my life. I don't watch much TV but really enjoyed watching short videos in my downtime. :(

What's that one-off singular pain called that's caused by swallowing something slightly too early? It feels like your throat is being folded in half.

@rubenerd unrelated to keyboards, was there a "ship from the US" service you use? I thought I saw mention of one in a post but can't find it again.

@rubenerd re:

My dream keyboard was the Moonlander for a while, but I just learned about the Keyboardio Model 100 and it looks to be on par, but might be less prone to movement with their octo-stand mounting platform. They even come with a tripod mount point to attach them to clamps and things when you REALLY don't want them to move. Frankly I would love either. The only drawback of the K100 is the non-standard keycaps.

What's the one best thing I can do for a 13-year-old with an as-yet un-diagnosed massive anxiety (disorder?) problem that seizes them right before doing the most normal shit they usually love doing?

@rubenerd while you're 3D printing your standoffs for you can also print it a little beige cone and complete the rocket your 12 year old self always new was inside it all along.

SELECT friend FROM addresses
WHERE handle = 'screenbeard'
@rubenerd I'm surprised you have more than one address for me in your postgres contact book.

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