Giving Brave browser a shot. Was happy enough with Firefox, but the acceptance of the HTML Ping attributes on URLs is worrysome, so I'd like to be prepared if I eventually feel like I want to give up Mozilla's browser.

So how do I get a customised avatar that I can use everywhere that doesn't look at people? Maybe a nice cartoon bunny @Tarale ?

Some interesting things I've noticed on the Mastadon federated timeline and the questions they raise:

1. The majority of selfies I see are behind content warnings. Is that a courtesy thing? Was there a memo I didn't get?

2. There seems to be a lot more thoughtfulness around content warnings to include a lot more than just nsfw content. Is that something common to Twitter? I haven't been there in a while.

3. There are a LOT of anime avatars on the federated timeline. Same question as above.

My antivirus subscription is about to renew. I need protection for a single Windows install and (theoretically) a Linux machine and a handful of android devices.

I have been using Bitdefender, and previously ESET. Looking for something effective but slightly less expensive than either of those if it exists.

Any suggestions?

I once found this mug once by accident at a random newsagent in a country town I don't visit often.

It's impossible to tell, but it's a giant mug, at like 850ml or 30oz. I should have bought it then and there because I knew I'd never find anything like it again. But then we left the store. I went back another time and STILL didn't buy it.

Biggest regret to this day. They're sold out now.

If I'm scrolling through your shitty long-ass article, don't pop an add for your newsletter half way through! Pop it at the top so I can close that tab early.

Fail early, fail often.

I loved the Neverhood as a kid, and the radio puzzle stuck with me:
The music was fun, but the radio tuning static really stuck out to me.

Imagine my shock to find out it's a Star Trek TOS sound effect called "Garbled Radio Message" - which also makes an appearance on the Ensign's Log podcast.

I always had an unspoken soft spot for Rhianna's Umbrella. Now I've found this cover by Annella I can listen to it in front of other people without shame.

@fribbledom I just read your pinned toot. I love I got a follow after asking how to block an entire instance, and your pinned message is about diversity. I 100% agree. But I don't need to see *everything* right?

Compiling a linux kernel for the very first time.

Does it take a long time? It seems like it's taking a long time.

Is there a way - apropos of no other mastodon instance - to just straight up hide/block a whole instance?

Who's the best Aussie distributor of Raspberry Pis?

Is "hide boosts from" the same as "turn off retweets" on the bad bird site?


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