@mike thanks for the recommendation. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Test kit arrived, and I have to remind myself I have a job that requires me to actually do work today instead of faff about on my C64.
Ooh I think I'm coming over all woozy like...

My 8 year old daughter (white) put me in checkmate with her last three pieces after Qh6. Super proud! I was stupid, but I thought I was safe, I was winning!

Does anyone use a good wishlist website for sharing gift ideas with friends and family?
It needs to have minimal/unobtrusive ads, allow arbitrary items from any website, and be easy to use.
Otherwise 'm just going to dump some links in a git repo and point my family there.

Duckos in their adolescent enclosure. "Going to ground" for a bit before we release them.

*Waiting patiently for an aus.party instance of Pixelfed*

And by waiting patiently, I mean calling out my admin for an update.

And by calling out I mean not @ing them and hoping they just happen to see this and don't take it the wrong way because I know they're busy and waiting for the right time when it can be the best possible experience for their user base and I'm not really meaning to hassle them. Also they're doing a mighty fine job.

drop of blood 

My C64 just drew blood. Trying to gently prise up a chip, the chip flipped around and impaled me in two spots to protect its hive. Hoping I don't get some 40 year old virus. Or tetanus.

@mike your advice has been great so far. Any ideas what my next step is? derbian.webs.com/c64diag/ would suggest the CIA chip in U2 might be faulty, but they also say it should boot normally without this chip in place, which mine doesn't. The other potential culprits based on similar images are the memory at U13 and the VIC chip. What do you reckon?

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Good news! Ish!
After recapping my board and replacing the PLA with a new chip my Commodore 64 is at least showing the familiar blue border.

It's just a shame about the other stuff. Time for further diagnostics.

ARGH Google! Why I gotta have the same "account" open in all my tabs? You've INSISTED I create another sub account for Youtube Music, so all my Youtube preferences and subscriptions aren't available on that account, then when I switch to that account on Youtube, you make me switch to that account in Youtube Music! It's insane! do you want me to hate you?

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