Is it worth telling the lady that's staying in our guest room that if after telling her "no we will not cut down our heritage protected tree" after my wife told her "no we will not cut down our heritage protected tree", if she then talks to our *children* to strongly suggest we cut it down that it's peeved me right off?

Are there any open Aussie IRC networks around anymore?

I'm stuck with a chicken/egg problem when trying to install weechat (irc client for linux). It appears to not be in any of my distro's repos, and their website has instructions involving trusting their GPG key. - point three after adding their fingerprint is "Check that the fingerprint is correct by asking to a developer on ("

Well I would, but I need an IRC client for that...

@shlee did the instance get a database scrub in the last few months? I thought I'd set up credentials there but now I can't log in with a username.

I'm not as happy with it this year, so internally I'm calling it my Christmas Playlist That Only Sucks A Little

Is Electronic Frontiers Australia doing good work in Aus? I hear about the EFF all the time, and I'd like to support something similar here, but I don't know who's legit and who's taking the piss.

I've decided that if I have to take the kids trick or treating every year, then I get to embarrass them while I do it, with pun themed costumes.

This year, I. Am. Lironman.

Caused and then fixed a massive server problem, both justifying my continued employment and simultaneously showing why I should not have my job. Good start to the day.

Did any other Keybase users get this drop of free Lumens? They're telling me to tell my friends so this is that, but it's just making Keybase seem a bit scammy: going from cool technology to gifter of free fairy money. Makes me less sure about it. Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth?

Also, is there a German word for the concept of believing there has to be a German word for every conceivable concept?

Is there a German word or something that means "that feeling of unsatisfactory appreciation you have when you see and enjoy something, but not as much as you feel like you ought to or desire to"?

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