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This is my pinned post. I see people with pinned posts, and they're the things people really want you to know about them before you follow them, so this is mine.

I got nothing to say in it, but here it is. Pinned.

Now you know all about me.

I need to feel the prestige of owning a one-of-a-kind link to a picture that may or may not have taken any talent or is somehow linked to a brand, and the desire to share that prestige with other people who can't possibly care!

My team was putting together proposals for a new automation tool and my suggestion was rejected out of hand, and I can't imagine why.

I suggested 'Cloud Learning, Intelligent Troubleshooting, Optimisation, Restorative Internet System' but legal didn't like it.

(With deference to Grant Naylor)

Years ago I tried to convince everyone I knew that owning your own domain for email was the best option because even if your email provider shuts down you can take your address with you. That's still true, but if you can't find anywhere to get domain email free, it might as well be shut down. I have to move a bunch of users off GSuite Legacy. Some might be willing to pay, others won't. I will likely go with Fastmail in the absence of other options, but I'm open to suggestions.

My daughter baked my partner a cake for her birthday. Happy birthday Mil!

The ABC News app is doing nothing for me anymore. The entire front page is just Covid articles and Djokovic right now and I need to know what's happening in the world, not how scared I should be about Omicron or whether the PM should let in a super famous guy because he's super famous. You're letting me down ABC

What am I missing? 40ish covid hospital cases in South Australia, but our ambulance service was run off its feet this week and the hospital system is cancelling elective surgeries. Is covid causing a massive spike in really short-lived life-threatening symptoms that require being rushed to hospital but don't end in overnight hospitalisation?

And the above doesn't convey the sense of absurdity and distain she included in her answer like it was self obvious they aren't yet alive, because she hasn't made them alive yet.

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My youngest daughter just bought herself some toys and wondered if she could put her favourite song on while they "come alive" so they'll enjoy music. I asked a couple of follow up questions such as "they're not alive already?" ("No"). There is some deep lore here, but she's going to bed and I cannot get to the bottom of this tonight and I'm left with so many questions.

I've been enormously privileged enough for the last few years to be able to have some overlap in streaming services my family indulge in. Coming into the new year, our budgets are going to be *much* tighter, and can I just say, fuck everyone who thinks making their stuff exclusive to a paid streaming service is a great thing for their customers. Remember when Netflix was the only game in town and everyone won? Juggling this shit is going to get enormously tedious.

I'm desperate here and damn near losing my mind. There doesn't appear to be a historic record of this stuff on centrelink's website and I presume it's so the plebs cannot figure things out themselves and must rely on whichever Karen answers the phone at that moment

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Does anyone have any centrelink pension calculators? Especially for the disability support pension? I think my financial situation is FUBAR and I'd really like to know just how much.

I'm particularly interested in historic income cut-off points

@wouter I was browsing your retro gaming site and wondered where the little characters and your avatar came from, are they characters you created for the site (or some other purpose)? I really like them, they give the site a unique style.

Wait, Wikipedia says it's a grass which is even worse! And if you could use reeds or grass, could you stake one with some stiff card if you could drive it in hard enough?

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What's the technical cut off point where a plant based stake is no longer "wood"? My partner thinks you could stake a vampire with bamboo, but isn't bamboo a reed? Surely you couldn't stake a vampire with papyrus reeds. Right?

I've been using gulp up to now, so I've just checked again and it's installed 326 odd packages, so now webpack is looking positively svelte. Apparently webdev today is putting your network in someone else's hands.

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Question for webdevs - I've just installed webpack for the first time in a project and it's installed 119 node packages. I know node gets flack for that sort of thing but is webpack worth having that sort of dependency tree? Am I stupid for wanting to have a bit more insight into what's being installed?

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