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This is my pinned post. I see people with pinned posts, and they're the things people really want you to know about them before you follow them, so this is mine.

I got nothing to say in it, but here it is. Pinned.

Now you know all about me.

Just discovered there's two seasons of the Pennyworth DC pre-Batman TV show and I'm starting to wonder how far they can stretch this premise. First it was Birds of Prey in the early 2000s, then Gotham, took a diversion through Batwoman, and have now done a show about Batman's butler when he was younger.

How much further back can they go? Thomas Wayne as a child? The original Bat spirit in prehistoric times? All to avoid overlap with the cash machine that is the movies.

I have a basic grasp of docker - enough to set up a basic reverse proxy to host a container of miniflux and statping externally and use it liberally for my own web development.

Work is pushing Kubernetes on Openshift, and while it seems like overkill for my needs, I'm wondering if it's worth loading up CodeReady Containers on my main machine and using that for development and hosting instead to get used to it. Can anyone advise if this would be a monumentally backwards move?


@rubenerd I normally gloss over your more technical posts if I can't think of any use I might have for them immediately (although I often find myself using your search to find stuff I know you've mentioned before). Your XML post was one I was going to pass over, but the fact you were using Perl was interesting as one of the products I might be supporting soon was written in Perl and I know nothing about it. Then I found a little Easter egg in it for me and was glad I did lol.

Years ago when The Circle (Emma Watson, Tom Hanks) came out, I somehow got the impression it was an ok movie.

It is not an OK movie. It is terrible.

And finally, I challenged myself to build a replica of my coffee machine while the teams were building. I think I did alright!

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Some NPU (nice part usage) using clear windows as screens. And my wife in the hot tub with headphones on.

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It's a bit hard to see what the youngest team built because of the roof.

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Just challenged my family to a Lego Masters play off. I was the judge. The challenge was to build my dream holiday. Both teams built a spaceship where I was playing video games. One was in the shape of a coffee cup.

New version on the right. Changes to the J and f were not part of the x-height change.

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Also traded in my bash script to trigger the docker build for a self-documenting Make file as per found via @celia

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With a bit of research I found a way to increase the x-height in Iosevka, giving it the same sort of feel as Jetbrains mono. It didn't scale the way I thought it would, but still worked to look like how I wanted it to, so I'm keeping it. My custom configuration is in my codeberg along with a custom Dockerfile to build it.

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I'm disappointed at myself for how much I like JetBrains Mono. Their software is outrageously expensive, but that font is like popcorn for my eyes.
I've got my own build of Iosevka that I love, but find myself drawn back in by JBM more than I should - it's disturbing.

@rubenerd I'd be interested in more detail about what makes UNIX better than Linux in your opinion? You touch on it in your recent post but don't really delve into specifics.
I've followed you for years and trust your judgement enough to feel dirty every day for using Debian instead of FreeBSD (ZFS and jails come to mind), but I don't REALLY understand why. Can you convince me with a compelling reason to give up a working fake Linux Deb system for trUNIX?

Does anyone use a (My)SQL client they'd swear by for Windows? I've been using HeidiSQL but the sheer number of software crashes I get daily is driving me to look elsewhere, However no other client I have found has the sheer usability of Heidi. JetBrains is slow and feels like I'm wading through honey to use it, Navicat is missing an in-place text editor, Workbench - don't get me started on workbench - it's like using Gimp when you're coming from Photoshop. Any other good options?

@mike I guess this is the excuse I was looking for to justify buying another new one for myself!

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Ah crap. A cable in my C64 power supply was loose, and thought it might just be the shielding slipping, so I gave it a little push back into its covering. Nope. Bad idea. Gave a few sparks, tripped the room circuit breaker and killed my internet. Not a good sign.

In regard to I wonder if the reason there are fewer experts putting out their opinions on software and doing these comparisons is in part because there's no incentive. Comparing nginx to Varnish you're just opening yourself up to arguments, vitriol, and legions of fanboys descending on your writing to pick it apart for not choosing their favourite. And unless you're an expert, what you say is just going to be ridiculed if you're not 100% correct. @rubenerd

Ermagerd! Finally signs of life in one of my C64s! @rubenerd after a new power switch in the machine you sent me, I have a successful dead test! This board might be OK!

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