And I've just realised that was not clear I'm looking for and open to suggestions

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Burned my right hand - need the best Firefox keyboard navigation extension now more than ever.

With kids at home, my old laptop with 4Gb memory and one old Android v7 tablet is not cutting it for school work, and their mum needs a better device too. Tried using the stimulus to get tablets, but usable ones seem to start from 250, and a good one is at least 500.
Thought I'd investigate thin clients - no go.
What's the cheapest way to deck out three kids and a parent with new devices?

I know every chat app is free these days, but who'd pay a yearly fee to access a hosted federated end-to-end encrypted chat so you weren't forced to use Facebook?

Failed to hoard more By 6 Coffee Roasters coffee before this lockdown and I'm on to my last pack.
This may not end well for my family.

Does anyone else have a or chat account and are willing to add me? I want to test something.

Is now, with unprecedented levels of unemployment and assistance seeking, a good time to talk about UBI? Would a payment to everyone across the board not simplify this crazy reliance on Centrelink?
Or is UBI still a dirty word not spoken in polite society?

Was grumbe-joking to colleagues about helpful troubleshooting emails with tips that can be summed up as "have you tried [doing the thing] correctly?"

Was suitably ashamed when I later discovered that the reason I spent two hours troubleshooting was because I was indeed not [doing the thing] correctly

Roaming the wilds in Red Dead Online looking to start a Posse

Is it worth telling the lady that's staying in our guest room that if after telling her "no we will not cut down our heritage protected tree" after my wife told her "no we will not cut down our heritage protected tree", if she then talks to our *children* to strongly suggest we cut it down that it's peeved me right off?

Are there any open Aussie IRC networks around anymore?

I'm stuck with a chicken/egg problem when trying to install weechat (irc client for linux). It appears to not be in any of my distro's repos, and their website has instructions involving trusting their GPG key. - point three after adding their fingerprint is "Check that the fingerprint is correct by asking to a developer on ("

Well I would, but I need an IRC client for that...

@shlee did the instance get a database scrub in the last few months? I thought I'd set up credentials there but now I can't log in with a username.

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