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This is my pinned post. I see people with pinned posts, and they're the things people really want you to know about them before you follow them, so this is mine.

I got nothing to say in it, but here it is. Pinned.

Now you know all about me.

@Warwraith hello and good to see you (again, I think from memory?)

Amazed I can still open the local feed and find new interesting people to follow. Hello you all!

See also: memories of sketching that logo in my school books. That's a brand that had amazing recognition and died anyway

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My partner was trying to get our son to agree to wearing a new cap before she buys one, and I remembered the caps my mum bought my sister and I in the early nineties when Starter brand basketball team caps were all the rage.

Those sleek lines, the fitted back with the S* logo where an ordinary cap had a strap, the visor that had to be bent *just so*...

I think my mum found ours at BigW, and instead of the Bulls cap, mine was a Charlotte Hornets cap. I didn't follow basketball but I knew the Bulls were the "right" team, so nothing about our caps were correct, and I felt embarrassed wearing it, so I almost never did.

@mike, do you have any recommendation for niche computer geek nerd stores in Melb I should visit while I'm over? Almost anything I'm interested in, like keycaps or interesting tech or retro stuff has no presence in Adelaide that I'm aware of, and I have to buy online. Would love to browse somewhere if it exists. Know of anything like that? Places you like to browse and need out?

I'm glad shows like The Block are out there looking out for and providing housing to Australia's most underserved and underrepresented minority, millionaires who can afford to buy expensive stupid houses to make themselves more money. It truly is a celebration of the Australian dream.

God I hate this show so much.

pets, unharmed, scared chickens 

All chickens found, unharmed

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Just for fun, I'll show you some spam accounts that apply to join this instance and are rejected when they answer the (recently) mandatory question "why do you want to join?" -- and they do it
extremely badly...

(Their answers are the second line for each)

#Admin #Indiewebsocial

pets, unharmed, scared chickens 

Well that's one way to start a Saturday and start of school holidays.

Woke to the kids in a panic, someone walking their dog had let their dog up into our yard and it had terrorised our chickens including taking the tip off our rooster's wing. He's fine but his girls are all shaken up. One had flown into a tree, the rest had scattered to the four corners of the yard.

I've spent the last hour counting them all and there are still two unaccounted for, although we believe they've flown into the neighbours yard. Hopefully they all come back.

On top of that I'd only been asleep for 5 hours, and when I woke up my right ear was ringing, and still is.

I just had a mostly positive experience playing Tabletop Simulator with a bunch of PC users from my Linux box that didn't end with wanting to hurl my machine through a window! Hooray for progress! 2022 Year of the Linux Desktop?

It makes me sad that Bob's Burgers has to work so hard to get customers. I'd kill a guy to have an amazing burger place in my town.

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What's with the post credit scenes disappearing at ep 5? Were the first 4 just to get us in the habit of watching the stupid long credits? We already watched the stupid episode, the post credits were like a nice little reward for watching this bullshit when we really want a superhero movie, don't take this away.

Fuck you Google.

Wasn't your whole thing search at the beginning? How have you gotten so shit at it?

This is my search for my water bills in my email. Gmail presented three at the top offscreen (it was easier than redacting) then these results. Note the words highlighted are not "water" and "bill" but words such as "AND" - it used to be impossible to search for "and" without trickery.

The top 4 results after the three I actually wanted were SPAM in my SPAM FOLDER. Why would you return them in a search?

The remaining results are from 20 fucking 15!

If you don't have what I'm looking for, don't guess! Just say you don't have them. Adding quotes returns the three results I'm expecting, just do that!

Just watched bdg's American Healthcare video and I need for Australia to never do this. This is one thing we don't need to catch up with.

food, meat 

I just made myself the most satisfyingly tasty home-made burger of my life. It's taken a good part of 40 years but I've finally cracked it.
I'm so happy with it I'm changing Friday nights from takeaway night to home made burger night.

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Use the edit button! 

It seems your can edit old tweets and add/remove a CW tag.

This rules. :awesome:

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Matrix Resurrections opinions, spoilers 

The last hour changed nothing. There were a couple of interesting ideas, including the swarm idea that could have livened up 2 or 3 if it had been done instead of one of the uninteresting Smith fights from those films.

And if 2 and 3 had not been made, if the first had been a solo film I could see how something like this could have worked as a re-introduction or swan song, but alongside 2 and 3 it just feels like more boring failure to meet the promise of the first. There's no real exploration of the world, no attempt to mess with our heads, just very perfunctory meeting of the plot points you need for a big budget movie. Just a big-ole waste of time.

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Matrix Resurrections opinions, spoilers 

This confirms without a doubt that the beauty and joy of the original Matrix was a fluke.

There's nothing of the original in this that isn't a lifeless rehash, poorly done.

I say this having come into it hoping for the best, wanting something of the spark of the original, but this is not a well made film.

Individuals are trying, but the script is all over the shop and more like the preachy dull sequels than the first one. The fight scenes drag like the ones in 2 and 3, and the stakes are more or less irrelevant.

I'm not finished, but this unless something changes in the final hour, I'm going to watch the first one again and genuinely pretend it was the only one.

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