I've decided that if I have to take the kids trick or treating every year, then I get to embarrass them while I do it, with pun themed costumes.

This year, I. Am. Lironman.

Caused and then fixed a massive server problem, both justifying my continued employment and simultaneously showing why I should not have my job. Good start to the day.

Did any other Keybase users get this drop of free Lumens? They're telling me to tell my friends so this is that, but it's just making Keybase seem a bit scammy: going from cool technology to gifter of free fairy money. Makes me less sure about it. Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth?

Also, is there a German word for the concept of believing there has to be a German word for every conceivable concept?

Is there a German word or something that means "that feeling of unsatisfactory appreciation you have when you see and enjoy something, but not as much as you feel like you ought to or desire to"?

I've 100% done this to myself, and don't blame "Linux" but I can't get my dual boot working and do *not* have the energy or patience to make it work.

Finally got ADB installed and working really simply on Windows thanks to Scoop. All so I could install Fluid Navigation Gestures on my Android. And now I want to hack my phone more, but I don't know what else I can do with ADB that would make me happy.

I love super weird software bugs. Like my Fedora 30 laptop is connected to my external monitor through a new HDMI/USB switch, and when it wakes from sleep it puts my login screen on my monitor and tells me my password is wrong when I type it in. But when I click "log in as a different user", it switches to my laptop monitor and when I type in my password it logs in.
Where do I even begin? What on earth do I even search up? It's bonkers and so specific, I can't imagine anyone has the issue.

Alright Linux people. I'm on Fedora 30 with Wayland and Gnome 3, and I *want* to keep rocking it, but I'm struggling with a couple of things.

One is that I'm used to my quake-style alt+` keyboard shortcut to open a terminal. I know I could install Quake or Tilde, but I don't mind the default terminal otherwise. Are there any neat Gnome-3 ways to assign a specific shortcut to an app and have it toggle the app between open and minimised for example?

Any other cool Gnome3 tricks anyone can share?

And now half way through downloading the Win10 Boot ISO for the second time, I finally find the recovery DVD I was SURE I'd made.

Broke my windows boot. Can boot my shiny new Fedora install just fine, but no dice on my Win10 install.

This would be fine, but I cannot get my work VPN running because proprietary drivers are fun! So I'm stuck downloading Win10 boot images and one-off utilities for making Windows bootable media....

I need a lie down.

So many garbage parties this year vying for the senate. The bin is not big enough for all of them.

@shlee are there any federated reddit clones (feddit?) you've found that are at a usable stage? Got any plans for something like this one day?

Linux nerds: I've got by desktop .bashrc and various other .whatevers set up just the way I like them locally, but whenever I start a new server, or ssh to a new system I have to do it all over again. What's the best way to keep some of this initial config centrally (github for example) and easily deploy where I'm working? I know I can ssh/sftp the files, but I figure this has to be "solved" by you guys already right?

I found WHERE you can disable auto-renew, and I'm willing to give them SOME benifit of the doubt, because their sales seem to go through a completely different website.

But the fact this isn't mentioned on the main account site, and when you try to cancel they make the "renew" button big and bright and the cancel button drab and small, and when you click it anyway they pop another screen with a discount and another button that says "renew" and the cancel button is still small and drab.

Making a customer contact customer support, so that the customer support agent can email SALES to cancel auto-renew on a product is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Looking at you Bitdefender.

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