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This is my pinned post. I see people with pinned posts, and they're the things people really want you to know about them before you follow them, so this is mine.

I got nothing to say in it, but here it is. Pinned.

Now you know all about me.

@rubenerd I'm building new HTML/CSS for my site, and doing this hybrid thing between my old site with some inspiration from yours and I'm wondering why you picked exactly 580px for your body width?

I've lost touch with the best resources for "best practice" when it comes to HTML and CSS today. Who's a reliable starting point for px vs ems, viewport scaling etc

So my next step is to learn to desolder correctly from a mate who's offered to teach me - or buy a 250$ desoldering gun.

After that I can either try to repair my damaged trace again OR buy a new PCB and desolder EVERYTHING off the old board and rebuild the machine from scratch now I have two of all the chips I should need.

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I feel like I've made some progress diagnosing my C64, even though I've not resolved anything.

@rubenerd I removed all the mods off the one you sent me, then followed your lead and used the manual and a new multimeter to diagnose my power switch was dodgy, but no amount of air was going to fix it.

Then I moved onto my board, and determined it's the system video subsystem where I'm having issues, which I knew from my experiments so far, but it's nice to have confirmation

If Matrix ever put a cryptocurrency into their product, I think that would be the day I start doing all my private conversations here in the open.

I mean presuming @shlee doesn't decide we need an aussoccoin before then.

I can't beleive I've followed you for so long @rubenerd. You don't deserve my readership, your site is a dumpster fire and I am going take an axe to my computer so I don't have to deal with it any more.

Warp 9.999 is the same as Warp 10? Are you MAD? Are you EVIL? IS there a DISTINCTION? You're probably not even aware there were two entirely separate Warp scales used in Star Trek, and that will be some sort of badge of honour for you, you pataQ!

@rubenerd are you trackball user? My wrist is pronated on my mouse and hurts a lot. I feel like a vertical trackball might be good?

@kev it took me a second and a couple of clicks, but I appreciate your literal hamburger menu.

@rubenerd I'm glad you finally fixed the CSP on your duckduckgo search, it's been bugging me for years, ever since you both inspired me to set up CSP on my site AND used your DDG embed as inspiration for mine. Since then I've tried to use your search numerous times and haven't been able to. I think I even tweeted you about it once!

In this instance it turns out there was an RSS feed if you approached the sub-site you're interested in from their front page. Just no RSS feed on each page of the sub-site.

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Remember when you could just add content you like to a feed reader and know when it updated, instead of signing up for yet another "platform"?

I need to borrow or buy a desoldering gun. I have a sucker, but frankly β€” it sucks.

Is there a Kennards hire for electronic equipment?

Is there a way on Mastodon to easily locate specific conversations you were in? The search I know is deliberately less than helpful for privacy reasons, but finding my messages in conversations I was in should be easy right?

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