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We're halfway through the year and it is a good moment to review what KDE's app developers have been up to these past months. Check out all the new stuff in Krita, LabPlot, GCompris, KStars, and more:

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Better drivers than most hoomans! Even checking on the dog

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When Things Feel Unreal, Is That a Delusion or an Insight?

The psychiatric syndrome called derealization raises profound moral and philosophical questions | Scientific American

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This week's Web Review is out, covering diverse subjects such as taking over the Web, , & . Here's a screenshot:

Web Review, Week 2022-25 - ervin

Of course, the Sri Lankan Energy Minister could have actually said "40,000 megatons", but isn't it up to the journalist to clarify what is quite obviously a misspoken error before publishing the quote verbatim?

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Hasn't the editorial quality of the former Fairfax stable of news mastheads declined noticeably over the past couple of years? This glaring error has been on their site for at least 11 hours (I saw it when I logged on to my PC at 8:30am & it is still there at 7:30pm). 40,000 megatons of petrol/gasoline? If that is just a weight measurement of the fuel, it equates to 40 billion tons - are there enough tankers in the world to transport that much fuel. If the Sri Lankan energy minister is talking about the equivalent energy output, not the actual weight of the fuel, then 40,000 megatons of gasoline is 4,893,567,251,462 litres. That's 4.89 TRILLION litres. A lot of fuel for a country of just 21 million people. And how much would 4.89 trillion litres of petrol cost on the wholesale market?

Sri Lanka’s economic collapse: An illustration of a collapsed economy -

Think I'll give up on the Internet for the next few hours. My ISP has lost its connection to sites running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is making most sites I visit either unreachable or broken (even if they're not hosted on AWS, they often use scripts & embeds from sites on AWS). At least I got my shopping list done last night, so a nice walk in the sun to Woolies for a grocery shop might be a better way to fill-in this messed-up morning.

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First Beta for Krita 5.1.0, the professional FREE and open source painting program, released.


Even more operations can handle multiple selected layers

We’ve improved support for the WebP, Photoshop layered TIFF and Photoshop files, and there’s new support for the JPEG-XL file format. (See the warning below, though!)

We’re now using XSIMD instead of VC, improving painting performance, especially on Android where vectorization now is used for the first time.

The fill tools have been extended with continuous fill and a new Enclose and fill tool.

For Windows, we’re using a newer version of Angle to improve compatibility with video drivers and improve performance.

You can now configure touch controls in canvas input settings, like “Tap to Undo”.

Krita -

This is amazing science - the talk of a future Nobel Prize is real. As the article mentions, think of this time-frame:

1947: First transistor
1958: First integrated circuit
1964: First commercial integrated circuit

2012: First single atom (quantum) transistor
2021: First atom-scale (quantum) integrated circuit (this discovery/invention)
2027: ?????

Scientists emulate nature in quantum leap towards computers of the future | UNSW Newsroom.

Here's the infamous video of the Chaser team smuggling Osama bin Laden (obviously not the real one) into the extremely high-security APEC conference in in 2007, deeply embarrassing Prime Minister John Howard, who was voted out of office (and also out of his seat in Parliament) 3 months later. Ahh - the good ol' days.

Chasers APEC Motorcade Stunt FULL - YouTube -

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