Hi All,
time - my name is Sam. I'm a Melbourne based library professional, until a few days ago employed in a large academic library - now waiting for that Centrelink call. I have a background in music, and like to imagine unusual sounds, and write some of them down. Enthusiastic about birds, native orchids, bikes, books. Nice to be here, look forward to tooting with you all. :partyparrot:

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@sam_sam_sam Hi and welcome . Your rainbow bird (parrot?) is freaking me out a bit.
I'm into acoustics (the physics of). Have you found Stephan Pigeon is an unusual sounds creation master.

@space_cadet I have not - thanks for the tip, I now work in a Primeval Forest! Soz about the Parrot. Will keep party parrot to a minimum. 😄

@sam_sam_sam Welcome! Good luck with the Centrelink waitlist. I've clocked over a month now.

@pinstripes Yikes 😩 . Ok, I'll get comfortable... Solidarity, and hope you're going OK.

@sam_sam_sam I'm getting used to painting a rainbow over it every day and just getting on. Some days the rainbow is less opaque than others.

@sam_sam_sam Hi Sam, I hope your past academic institution sends down the meagre government funds. Stay strong

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