Catriona informs me “pull your finger out, it’s starting to smell” is not an edifying contribution to the highway smack talk discourse

‘Bazza’ is short for Balthazar, traditional name of one of the Magi. ‘Dazza’ is short for Decius, aka Trajan Decius, Emperor. ‘Shazza’ is short for Shai-Hulud, spice worm of Arrakis

Shots fired

(The Gear Page is my favourite source of DRAMA these days)

SomeBODY once told me about a bird that's turnin'
And turnin' in a widening gyre
It was lookin' kinda lost cause it couldn't hear its boss
As it soared ever higher and higher

Well, things fall apart and the centre's not holdin',
Anarchy's loose and there's no controllin',
Innocence drowned in a blood-dimmed tide,
The worst get intense while the best just hide

So much to do, so much to see
Images out of Spiritus Mundi
You've gotta move those slow thighs
Open up your pitiless eyes

Hey now
Lion body
With a man's head
Go play

Hey now
You're a rough beast
Get the show on
Get paid

Your hour's come round once more
Slouching towards Bethlehem to be bo-orn

Oh look it’s the most frequently uttered sentence in Australian English

I'm rebuilding my Mac after a big hard drive crash and I decided to get ahead of the bash -> zsh shift. Turns out it's pretty nice to use.

This is kind of niche hilarity but I can’t believe the creator of Textmate wrote, released, then immediately abandoned a fork of the Jekyll CMS in October last year

These are really weird emails. I don’t get the scam but it seems to be using LinkedIn in a very superficial way. I’ve never claimed to be a network or system administrator anywhere.

So how small a VPN can you get away with hosting a super tiny mastodon instance?

The Pinkertons, of irregular rendition and Deadwood fame, are poising for a comeback in a climate change-ravaged world where governments can no longer effectively enforce laws.

The worst bit? They think their competitors will be the big consulting firms.

Actually, Die Hard was originally a series of gladiator entertainments during Saturnalia.

I'm carefully not saying I'd probably just buy a new iPhone instead of a holiday

I have too many domain names registered on a whim and so I chucked a few into Godaddy's valuator. Uh is that thing remotely realistic because apparently I could afford a nice holiday by selling a couple I don't need

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