The fun thing about middle age is justifying getting a huge iPad to see things better

A larger-scale study of an earlier gouache work. This time a mix of airbrushed high flow acrylics and a more painterly application of Turner japanesque acryl gouache

Hey folks, I’m still searching for a medium so I’m giving oils a go. Quite a learning curve, if just because the paint gets everywhere

This is a small piece in gouache that was inspired, for want of a better word, by the bushfires.

Building another campaign site for the Greens this weekend.

Ahem. If you want to follow posts on my, my fediverse compatible account name is @rocketpilot

Went a bit wild and accepted some cryptocurrency because suddenly offered it but more importantly it's apparently featuring vastly lower environmental impact than other kinds

Just occasionally I am drawn to wonder if Ben and David Aaronovitch ever discuss politics with one another

brit pol (but pol in general) 

the global right wing appeals to their cult as bold warriors, but in reality they govern not through strength but only through snively wonkish bureaucratic technicalities, like and I feel like this is a good line of messaging for the left—calling them dictators gives them an unearned self-fulfilling illusion of power—instead, rewrite their names as "snively bureaucrat Boris Johnson," "whimpering cheat Trump," "pedantic fraud Bolsonaro"

You can get it brushing
You can get it rushing
You can get it launching a wow
Matter of fact I've got it now

societal collapse 

So, how are people coping?

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