If Twitter goes away I'm just going to start getting into fights on Github

Anyone had to use MS Planner? What's the difference between ticking complete on a shared task and moving that task to the [heavy sigh] "Completed" "Bucket"?

sorry you don't get a signed book from your favorite author, the crowdfunding platform was running a yield farming pool that lost all of the money they were gonna use to fund the publishing run to a guy who flipped a cheap shader he found on github into a hyped generative NFT

Gee you can't tell how much user interface designers hate scrollbars until the scroll-wheel on your mouse dies

First time I've ever seen Ben Stiller mentioned in the same breath as the guy who invented the Meddling Monk for Doctor Who in 1964 variety.com/2021/film/news/ben

Also you would not believe the fun times I've had getting a fully functional track saw up and running

Sorry I'm not here often enough but anyway I found a pleasant reminder of threads old and beautiful forums.whirlpool.net.au/archiv /cc @liamvhogan

I should say my plans largely involve manual hand tools but I keep thinking about track saws

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Hello Aus Social. I have been making baby steps into the world of woodworking and my latest concern is that wood dust is very bad for you and I have nowhere to put the $7000 worth of industrial dust collection I apparently need

Popping in to see if news of Iain Hall’s passing had made it to Mastodon. A truly weird conservative of the Queensland old school. Vale. Cc @liamvhogan

Just going to :hose: down speculation on whether I have the new emoji yet

I have a large monitor coming today to help replace my ancient iMac. Who could've guessed that monitor tech had gone backwards in a number of ways since 2013

political content in the us context 

@rocketpilot let's go with yes and correct later if necessary

political content in the us context 

Anyone know if the bad man has died

Hello everyone. I’ve been working a lot in watercolour and gouache lately.

The fun thing about middle age is justifying getting a huge iPad to see things better

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