I should say my plans largely involve manual hand tools but I keep thinking about track saws

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Hello Aus Social. I have been making baby steps into the world of woodworking and my latest concern is that wood dust is very bad for you and I have nowhere to put the $7000 worth of industrial dust collection I apparently need

Popping in to see if news of Iain Hall’s passing had made it to Mastodon. A truly weird conservative of the Queensland old school. Vale. Cc @liamvhogan

Just going to :hose: down speculation on whether I have the new emoji yet

I have a large monitor coming today to help replace my ancient iMac. Who could've guessed that monitor tech had gone backwards in a number of ways since 2013

political content in the us context 

@rocketpilot let's go with yes and correct later if necessary

political content in the us context 

Anyone know if the bad man has died

Hello everyone. I’ve been working a lot in watercolour and gouache lately.

The fun thing about middle age is justifying getting a huge iPad to see things better

A larger-scale study of an earlier gouache work. This time a mix of airbrushed high flow acrylics and a more painterly application of Turner japanesque acryl gouache

Hey folks, I’m still searching for a medium so I’m giving oils a go. Quite a learning curve, if just because the paint gets everywhere

This is a small piece in gouache that was inspired, for want of a better word, by the bushfires.

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