ME: "Ok, that's everything, here we go"

*turns dishwasher on*
*turns around*

TEASPOON: Dude, you're not gonna believe this!

It took almost all day, but I managed to mostly unearth the study from daddy long legs, dust, and both figurative and literal rubbish.

Hell hath no fury like a woman who was too tired to cook dinner because her spouse twisted his ankle something awful last night and she’s had to juggle child care, household responsibilities, and sprint planning for work so she decided to order dinner on Menulog but the restaurant didn’t deliver the food after an hour and a half and her kids were getting whingy so she had to walk down the road for Thai takeaway and the littles didn’t get to bed until 9:30 😱

Finding the posts an interesting read. I have a long answer and a short answer, but I’m nearly at my train station so short for now. I’m on because I like the tenor of the folks that post here. I’m on Mastodon because I never really got into Twitter and Facebook was giving me the shits on multiple levels. I like the independent/federated idea, have been burned by other platforms disappearing: MySpace, Orkut etc.

Hi! If you're reading this, please ask yourself "Why Are You Here?" - let's start with the instance you're on, and expand to mastodon. do you prefer this federated, self hosted model? just trying something new? tell us all.
You can read my and many other responses over at .
I'd love to read yours.

Freshly baked scone with cream and jam, from the Test Kitchen. Working here does not suck.

Cold weather, late lunch 

When it's cold like this at 10 minutes to 7 our bed just turns into a warm crowded blanket cave full of small pointy elbows and knees and very cold feet.

No one is particularly comfortable, but no one wants to get out, either.

Ugh. 5° is not the temp I want to wake up to in a house without double paned windows and with only one gas fire as a heat source.

The young master likes to drink tea with me. Right now he is having chamomile in a Jemima Puddleduck mug and I am drinking nettle tea in a plain mug. I feel very civilised.

Currently getting my butt kicked by 3:30 pm. 😴

@grumpysmiffy sincere condolences. We only had one dog when I was a kid, a Humane Society rescue a few months old brought home when I was seven. She was my buddy, made it to my third year at uni when she stopped eating and her body kept filling up with fluid. I felt lucky I was able to make the trip to the vet with my dad and say goodbye, but that was a tough trip indeed. I celebrate Garth's memory with you!

It was a chilly, gloomy day, so I mulled apple cider with cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, allspice, and half an orange with cloves. You guys, it smells SO GOOD.

Struggling between wanting to binge all the episodes of Good Omens and wanting it to last forever. I sure miss Terry Pratchett's wit.

This weather just makes me so sleepy. I wish I could hibernate.

So this week I made up my own Tarot deck for my Kids on Bikes game and we tried telling fortunes on a couple of characters. It worked well, and I had lots of fun! I've totally fallen down the rabbit hole here.

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