adelaide, radelaide, gonna see my dadelaide

hmmm, I want to get both power and network out to my shed. can't put power and ethernet in the same conduit because of interference.

but....optical with ethernet converters at each end?????


I mean I know that nsw is the most populous state, but I'm not sure about their premier dictating our international borders

perth weather 

excuse me what the fuck it’s going to be 32C tomorrow???

I'd ask "why can't I find a TV without '''smarts'''?" but I think I know the answer.

though it seems like dell/alienware are putting out monitors you could use as a tv. they look pretty expensive, though

holy hell, questionable content has been going for 18 years. Absolutely wild.

while I don't think I've got better phone reception since getting my second pfizer jab, the toaster *did* just pop up as I walked in to the kitchen.

I think that's a more useful side effect than getting 5g, personally

covid-adj, + 

I keep getting this feeling that makes me go “ugh, I think I’m getting sick” before remembering that I had a vaccine a couple of days ago and it’s just doing it’s thing

just realised I didn’t get a juice box with my jab, so I kinda feel cheated

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love to walk in to the GP and find out they have spare jabs today, way easier than going to the big clinics

food, non-vegan 

why is

anchovies and garlic


>barges into your BGP announcements
>revokes all routes
>refuses to elaborate
>leaves the internet

Uzumaki kinda spoiler but not really 

jesus fuck now *I’m* afraid of spirals

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anyway I guess what I’m saying is the Japanese stuff hits different

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never really was “in” to horror but I just bought Ito’s Uzumaki and holy shit it’s good


>investigated by icac
>refuses to elaborate

terrifying passage of time 

it’s wild how much closer we are to the 2038 problem than the y2k problem

our kangaroo paw has absolutely no chill. it’s been like this all year.

reiterating former point 


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