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the more I understand computers, the more I think a Butlerian Jihad might not be the worst idea

going skiing in a week, decided I wanted to try and record my runs. turns out there's a really good app for that

but honestly I was most impressed with their privacy policy:

explains everything that they use your data for in very clear language

turns out you don't need to hide behind complex language if you're not being a sketchy bugger with people's data

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The common pain reliever, acetaminophen (Tylenol/etc) increases risk-taking. Its pain reduction effects extend to various psychological processes, lowering people's receptivity to hurt feelings, experiencing reduced empathy, & even blunting cognitive fu...

Original tweet :

files on a computer are a social construct

people with lots of insider knowledge on how these companies operate, and cutting through the bullshit they put out

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somewhat similar to Peter Milne - worked in oil and gas for a long period of time, seems like he tried to make it better (less carbon-intensive) from the inisde

realised it couldn't be done, so moved out of O+G and now acts as a thorn in the side of large O+G companies in Australia

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The Raspberry Pi Zero series never ceases to amaze. It's nothing short of incredible how easy it is now to just lose an entire computer somewhere on your desk.

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I've discovered that you can in fact de-acclimatize yourself to advertising, largely from removing exposure fairly consistently over a long period of time.

The problem with that is the intense sense of alienation and distaste you get when exposed (for whatever reason) again.

Curating your own sensory inputs at the cost of being naturalized to the consensus human experience. Yikes.

that's it, I'm opening an issue tracker so I can remember all the things I need to fix

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what I’m saying is I own ~four (non-work) computers and they’re all broken in their own unique ways

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the good thing about being a “knower of computers” is you can use your knowledge of computers to fix your computers

…that you broke with your previous attempts to apply your knowledge

this is your monthly reminder that the bloodborne ost fucking slaps

is anyone else a solipsist, or is it just me?

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"popular myth is that people who are Very Computer have computers that work. nothing could be further from the truth. the Very Computer are capable of generating much more novel and fascinating ways to make computers not fucking work and exercise this capability wantonly"

werk, +++ 

a few months ago I asked to start doing different stuff at work, and now the wheels for that are actually in motion! hapening.gif!

goodbye boring scheduling crap in maximo, hello control systems!

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@SuricrasiaOnline This is unedited XKCD 2583... but it really seems like a mastodon shitpost with stick figures anyway?

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always caught in this damn cycle, it's like clockwork I could use it to keep track of time

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