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After 32 long years, I've finally found my medium. Radio dramas are where it's at.

This world is blursed. The shit that goes on here is both beautiful and disgusting.

Being a revolutionary is the only job worth having. Everything else is only a shade of bullsht

Urgh. Though I haven't been sick in ages, I have come down with a wretched cold. Throat like a buzzsaw. This sucks 😅

Democratic primaries 

here's a crop of augusts wallpaper on patreon, if you like the comic this is the best way to support it! 🌙🌑

Old He-Man vs Old Skeletor Alex Solis. Part of his new G1988 solo show, online and available to purchase here:

Hi! My name is Michel, I make illustrations and animations, and I love creating narratives with my art

Whats up Mastodon. My name is Riley and I specialize in pixel art


I like when new people join :blobcat:

A new emoji that really captures the spirit of the moment

nazism, racism, white supremacy, politics 

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