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After 32 long years, I've finally found my medium. Radio dramas are where it's at.

Metal album cover 

Australia is doomed to have a tory government FOREVER

I recently started building a shrine in a nearby parkland. When was the last time you made a shrine? It's a profoundly soothing ritual

If I didn't have a 5 year old daughter, I'd start living in a tent in the park and become the lunatic street preacher I was born to be.

Turns out I really like the microblogging concept... I just hated Twitter is all

Just finished Samurai Champloo and was legit satisfied with the ending πŸ‘


When the climate wars begin, people will finally realise... They can't eat likes

@Tarale you're crazy talented and clearly worked really hard to be the artist that you are. Just a compliment for ya πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ

On learning that my friend had stolen something from a department store.

"Well, this is a stupid world where nothing matters so good on you."

"Dating is overrated. Better to be finding the crew to build your apocalypse commune with."


Stupid dumb politics 

What strange creatures, us humans. Knowledge in conflict with instinct, unable to be just an animal, unable to be just a god, but doomed to be both, until our death. Argh

Everything is so much worse when you've got a stiff neck.

Btw it's actually a radio drama not a TV episode

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