NEWBIE QUESTION Could someone with technical nous please tell me whether (and how, in super simple terms) it's possible to create a closed community on Mastodon? I'm part of a closed group of ~1000 professionals (freelancers/consultants) on FB (Australia, New Zealand mostly); if we all left there could we recreate a similar environment here? Thanks in advance!

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@reneeotmar Hey! I’ve pinged the @aussocialadmin re this. But if you go to settings you can choose to have your ‘toots’ only visible to followers. There may be other options or tools that the @aussocialadmin is aware of tho :)

@Mellymelmc thanks so much. I looked at the settings as an option, but I don't think it'll work, especially not for those who are more er... technically challenged! I'm not so advanced myself, admittedly, but I am at least open to risking looking like a fool and learning in the process. 😆 Others are not so brave.

@reneeotmar It's kinda more like Twitter here than FB. But the admin can probably help you weave something -- or direct you to a place/idea/server :)

@reneeotmar In the most untechnical terms, first identify a technical member of the group. Then, between you, you can contribute to the cost of setting up your own instance. That's the key to Mastodon, it's private instances connected to each other by "federation." Whilst I'm here on the instance, half of my regular contacts are on other, adjacent instances.


@reneeotmar ...and this is likely to be the biggest culture-shock for those coming in from the US-based douchebros clubs. You can engage as much or as little with the "Fediverse" as you choose.

OK, I've got a broad overview, I run a community on Twitter - if you don't get any joy from the busy folk running instances, happy to chat out of band (so change toot privacy settings).

@reneeotmar There is an instance vaguely similar to a closed community but it’s not really on mastodon anymore – it no longer links to the Fediverse, for example. It’s called and in my couple of years on it, is well regulated & doesn’t permit shenanigans. Trolls are actively & aggressively culled.

@reneeotmar @grumpysmiffy i believe 'whitelist mode' was added to mastodon for this purpose, allowing server interaction to be restricted to a limited number of instances, presumably supporting a single isolated instance, while blocking all public access

@moaxey Thank you. I have read that. One question I have is about setting up a community/group. If all 990 people from the FB group decided to defect and join me in a Mastodon community, that would mean I would have to pay 89 euro a month for the Galaxy plan. Is that right? (Obvs that's not going to work for me!)

@reneeotmar digitalocean have a one-click app for mastodon so this could be hosted for around $5/month. You'll need a domain name, backups and an email sending service too.
I've seen a few communities selling merch or asking for donations to cover server costs...

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