I'm new here (hi!) - I would love to follow some people/interesting folks, but I need to know who they are. Please send me a note/mention or update your profile so I know who you are.

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@reneeotmar Hi Renee, I am Paul VanderLoos from the IPEd groups on FB. I saw your invite. I always like to try new things. Curiously, I was just thinking that there should be an Australian social media platform.

@reneeotmar Hiya and welcome to the wonderful world of mastodon.
Always happy to be of service, although I am not sure if I am really that interesting to follow🤔
@grumpysmiffy and I know each other from Twitter - if you're not sure, you can always ask him, if I'm okay or not.

@jeroen @grumpysmiffy Thank you! I'm a refugee from FB so I won't hold Tw against you! I am very happy to be able to make new friends. :Koala:

@reneeotmar Hi Renee, I’m a writer, editor, book show host and prof writing teacher in Melbs. Life support system to a small dog with a big personality. Been on here a while and met a lot of nice folks! I’m sure you will, too. Welcome!

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