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DOCTOR: Gamer’s Thumb is not a recognized condition, you have ligament damage

ME: Melee damage

DOCTOR: No. Ligaments. I’m prescribing you medication

ME: Medkits

DOCTOR: No. Tylenol. Take 2 every hour until the pain recedes

ME: Until I respawn


DOCTOR: Until you respawn.

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So the movers are here to get my shit sorted and even though they are pros and so on, I'm feeling so guilty about not having everything fully wrapped and ready to go and also feeling like I'm being judged for my things and want to hide

Cool yes three days before I move house is the perfect time for my vacuum cleaner to shit the bed. Fuck me roan.

Get this: my 1br flat in Wellington, for which I pay $385 a week, has just been let to a new tenant for:

*clears throat*

$500 per week

It is down a steep driveway, underneath a student flat, no sound insulation, no extractor fans in the kitchen or bathroom, the kitchen hasn't been reno'd since fuck knows when, and the only improvement was them installing a new toilet cistern after they got tired of having to repair the old one every six weeks

Fuuuuuck I hate packing up my house.

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here's who's who on the creeps 'n' fash side of things in this year's NZ general election threadreaderapp.com/thread/122

T minus 10 days till I'm moving, yusss. But it's to Brisbane for the time being, which, hmmm.

MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMAS take care of yourselves ok?

oh hey i gone and forgot about yas for a bit

Anyway, I am moving back to Australia, finally.

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Okay so look I didn't get to Pax so it's only today that I learned that Shannon Noll has - and please hear me when I say this - an eSports team.

The 7.10 flight from Wellington to Auckland is a great way to see a lot of Extremely Bad PowerPoint game. It's lucky I don't have a lounge pass or I'd probably have a stroke

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don't get me wrong Winnie is a deeply problematic fave but this is like watching a shih tzu argue bark at a passing bus

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nzpol, nzmedia, tantrums 

angry old white man has a fat cry at angry old brown man about the state of affairs at the local Dancing With the Stars broadcaster

I don't know if any of youse got around the hype for No Man's Sky when it first appeared and thoroughly disappointed people, but I'm here to tell you it's been greatly improved. Less grindy and also you can ride the animals.

lest you think this is some lost artefact from an early naughties commercial radio station, it is in fact the recommended thing you play during your drill getready.govt.nz/involved/shak

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today was the earthquake drill which came with this uh, amazing prerecorded drill thing to play over the PA, direct from the Pearl and Dean school of audio production getready.govt.nz/assets/Upload

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A Samuel Smith’s pub reopens with a new rule, mandated by the brewery, specifically banning anyone wearing steampunk attire. It’s not clear whether the rule applies across the entire Samuel Smith’s chain, or is specific to the Widow Cullen’s Well in Lincoln:


I like the news messenger bot from the ABC but geez it comes out with some pearled bugs

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