Cursed ad on the birdsite 

The 7.10 flight from Wellington to Auckland is a great way to see a lot of Extremely Bad PowerPoint game. It's lucky I don't have a lounge pass or I'd probably have a stroke

nzpol, nzmedia, tantrums 

nzpol, nzmedia, tantrums 

I don't know if any of youse got around the hype for No Man's Sky when it first appeared and thoroughly disappointed people, but I'm here to tell you it's been greatly improved. Less grindy and also you can ride the animals.

lest you think this is some lost artefact from an early naughties commercial radio station, it is in fact the recommended thing you play during your drill

today was the earthquake drill which came with this uh, amazing prerecorded drill thing to play over the PA, direct from the Pearl and Dean school of audio production

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A Samuel Smith’s pub reopens with a new rule, mandated by the brewery, specifically banning anyone wearing steampunk attire. It’s not clear whether the rule applies across the entire Samuel Smith’s chain, or is specific to the Widow Cullen’s Well in Lincoln:

I like the news messenger bot from the ABC but geez it comes out with some pearled bugs

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SAP is not so much a platform for business software as a set of practices developed by German sadists in the 1980s

I stg I don't think I can be bothered with another Wellington winter.

Love 2 bait kiwis about compulsory voting at this time of the electoral cycle. It's looking like a 25 percent turnout for Auckland. For a pop comparison that's like 25 percent turning out for the SA state elections.

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Spring is sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where
The birdies is?
The beaks so sharp,
Eyes so cunning,
You can’t escape
On foot or running
When going past
The magpie’s tree
You best wear all
Your PPE

Tired tired tired tired. I need a huge friggin change.

Attn everyone who keeps the tails of their jackets tied together:

a) fuck sake what are you doing mate

b) it takes a remarkable exertion of my willpower not to reach out and yank it out

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