public servants, specifically, being dicks about disability 

people being dicks about disability 

omg omg one of my favourite union organisers has been moved into supporting my workplace. We are going to kick so much ass together.


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My Linux experience in a nutshell:

Every fucking thing is a special case, every time.

Everything's installed <here> except when it's not,

You start a thing this way except when you don't.

Recursive is -R unless it's -r and you will get it wrong EVERY TIME.

Every app is installed for everyone except this one you're using.

You can run anything from anywhere except this thing,

Group permissions matter except when they don't.

I'm starting to think maybe it's not me that's the problem.

nzpol, abortion 

nzpol, abortion 

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RTBU is undertaking industrial action in Melbourne

no fare checking for the next two mondays

nzpol, abortion 

nzpol, abortion 

Another day, another email telling a stakeholder to stop asking for a fucking carousel slider.


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