Good morning fediverse.

New reboot of The Birds waiting to drop.

Comics and real people talking about comic book peoples parts 

We live in the worst timeline. This is on a post on facebook that started talking about whether Deadpool and Wolverine could remain circumcised due to healing abilities

Sigh, I'm going to have to rebuild my site aren't I. This is what happens when you don't keep up with things

Car/Life issues 

Sooo, after spending 5 grand on a new gear box, a couple of grand on getting the electronics fixed and new tyres. The engine fucking seizes up.

Because fuck me right?

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Contains swear word many people don't like 

I managed to capture that wonderful moment when someone joined the sewing discord server I'm on with the username "Thundercunt" before they quickly changed it to "Linda".

Dad joke 

Share this with your friends, listen to the groans and wailing and gnashing of teeth

Social Trump 

Sooo it turns out that Trump's new Social Media platform is actually Mastodon.

And he's already in breach of the license

I'm really disliking Instagrams 1x1 format.

This is the sort of absolute bollocks that keeps popping up

Screen shot shows text from a facebook post:

"Hi. Independent Support Worker not vaccinated. Any way around this?"

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I have a special place in my bowels for the Anti-vaxxers trolling the NDIS group I'm in on Facebook

Sigh, it must be a day ending in Y.

Certain fans of a certain political party are again complaining about another party not voting for a piece of legislation in 2009.


Sometimes you get reminded why you take the tablets you do.

Yesterday was such a time. I missed my midday Baclafin and had missed my morning CBD oil.

By about 2 oclock the spasms and the nerve pain were roaring making even the limited amount of walking that I can do near impossible.

I finally realised that I'd missed my tablets at 3pm and had them and the CBD oil.

The pain and spasms didn't stop until about 7ish?

Pain sucks

Doing AWS work without the ability to admin AWS is slightly annoying

Context switching, thy name is...

hold on, I've just got to look at this other thing

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