NDIS Bollocks 


Put in a payment request six days ago, it was approved and then waited for it to be paid.

It usually takes less than 48 hours but this morning it still wasn't there so I pinged them and asked what was going on.

"Ooops sorry we appear to have accidentally applied a negative transport allowance to your account"

Fuck me

Right, I am now fully vaccinated, which door knobs should I lick?

For anyone following along, second shot is postponed AGAIN.

Couldn't jump start the car at all. Battery is completely and utterly dead.

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Self promo sort of 

So I'm playing around with the idea of turning my photos into things that I can sell (I have a couple of funding targets which I will explain in a blog post).

It would be things like this


Good morning, the world is fucked but I should be getting my second astra shot today so there's that


Annnd there goes Melbourne into lockdown.

Fuck. It. All

Went on a roll this afternoon and came across a pair of Galahs.



Ooooh being condescended to on twitter because person is "properly trained researcher"

Vaccine panic - bird site 

And now we have people who should fucking know better claiming that we're not getting any more pfizer until 2022 and that it's all going to run out and you shouldn't bother booking.


Lockdown woes 

Wheeee, so it looks like another week in lockdown.

Middle child was about to start HSC Trials.

Father In law is in hospital after a stroke and wife hasn't been able to visit since lockdown started

Grandfather in hospital with Vascular Dementia and Mum is stuck in Greater Sydney looking after her mum and dying brother and can't visit her dad or go home.

Federal Govt Covid 

So we have a plan for 4 phases that we don't know the triggers for and a bunch of generic statements about whats in each phase.


I feel like shit, I'm trying to work in Java and I'm arguing with anti-vaxxers on local FB.

I'm officially a masochist

NSW Covid 

So it appears that Covid has infiltrated Parliament house. The Health Minister is positive and now they've issued a Stay Put order for Govt MPs

NDIS Vehicle rant 

So it looks like we're going to have buy a new car. Or spend probably 10k getting the current vehicle back up to spec.

Either way we're going to have to go further into debt to get it modified so I can take my power chair because the NDIS won't modify vehicle older than 3-5 years.

Fuck me

Good morning fediverse.

Todays tasks

- Physio
- More Java
- Work out topics for TAD

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