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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

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i am such a pack rat, that I keep peoples old numbers in my phone for no reason whatsoever, and then get confused when i need to do the rare ol' POTS phonecall. i think it's the whole "add a number to contact' that doesnt... remove

I have a three year old that refuses to even attempt to play “catch”

mr 3 wanted to watch spooky scary skeletons like a million times today and it's still in my head

“Ok class, THIS is anime *point

Ahhhh *scribbles notes

Now this, *gestures at tentacles 🐙 *
This is hentai.
Uhhhhh *notes scribbling”

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Kinda funny imagining border force officers getting mad about hentai, like there’s got to be some internal documentation about this


"DHL Japan called us [] last week, informing us that Australian customs have started rejecting packages containing any adult product. They then advised us to stop sending adult products to the country."

So rage against the machine took down my fan work of literally a whispered lyric. First Black Friday shopping bags, now this. The rage is dead. Congratulations to all those who bought it on masks and shirts, you now have a limited edition. If anyone wants a copy dm me.

I didn’t play Pokémon until my teens and PC emulators existed


It is important to acknowledge classism in video gaming. This is why I'm just now playing any Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games. We don't talk about this in the gaming community. Not that I've witnessed. So I do. I talk about it.

Being a Centrelink contractor:
* paid 20k less than APS staff
* half a day of training on self harm/domestic abuse
* High attrition rates - empathetic ppl quit - not unusual to see crying @ desk
* No incentive to learn due to quotas
* toxic culture


Speaking up: Life at the other end of Centrelink phone calls via

Listening to classical music at a ridiculous volume as mr 3 is out

Australian budget journalism defined in one push notification

Official policy as depicted by “goat on a boat”

it's honestly an insult to to even be compared to frundlyjobblies

Fixed the buzz in our humidifier with wd40. I swear the fan in it is a laptop one

watching a video about an infinite pattern that never repeats and of course and I immediately both discuss how to incorporate this in interior design of our house

me: it's friday night, relax

brain: no, argue with the centrelink FOI team because their sassing you again


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