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Online can be a pretty bad place if you’re not careful ❤️🫶

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Hi, I have avoided for the longest time. Mainly because I dislike having to sum myself up in a bio. I learnt in the other place that if you do so, it will just be used against you so I left it blank to infuriate those who would.

But this is a nicer place.

I'm a father of 1x lovely 4 year old with ADHD and autism who never stops. Husband of @Tarale who is trying to get diagnosed and help for autism, and me who doesn't see the point at my age of bothering and probably is neurodivergent... but I ain't gonna spend anymore time on it.

I enjoy spirited debate and through the years am both at once someone who can negotiate and probably doesn't know when to quit.

I care deeply about fairness, transparency and privacy - My latest project is - coordinating freedom of information requests for the greater good.

read more from @asherwolf here about it:

I plan on integrating mastodon into it :)

I also have many other projects, probably too many of them.

I dabble with music, love VR gaming, old things, listening to vinyl, and want to see flourish because I believe it is the future of the "town square" - but it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

genuine questions about web3 

@mikelynch @mala [Anglican youth pastor voice] that’s cool but do you know who else started a decentralised autonomous organisation in opposition to centralised authority, and created powerful moral incentives

@Posty oooh there’s a fun flashback! We used to sing it to each other as school kids, as a way of heckling whoever just got into trouble for dumb sh*t. Maybe we can karaoke it at my high school reunion in a few weeks…

@Posty 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 🚓

so I've discovered that I''m quite partial to the band "painters and dockers"

Favs so far: "Eat Shit Die", "You're going home in the back of a divvy van"

well the good news is I slept a solid *checks*

five uninterrupted hours and now appear awake

gonna dick around on the internet hoping i get tired again

@Posty @asherwolf @bestthingsbot fambly and watching the joy just playing together can bring

Today’s was a quiet half hour weeding at the front of the house, listening to the little girl opposite playing with her mum. My kids were little in this street too. Thinking about this comes with gratitude to @Posty for suggesting it. @bestthingsbot

so, I'm iterating on instructions on how to do a freedom of information request - here's my draft #2 of my video instruction
I've added commentary
anyone know any impersonators that actually would make this sound better than my voice?
was thinking richie benaud.

Feedback appreciated.

ping @screenbeard - have example audio now :)

some people are fucking with my friends. not happy about it in the slightest.

will review in morning, i should be trying to wind down for sleep.

@asherwolf @bestthingsbot bump:
Todays was feeling ok about not being okay sometimes, and asking for help when I needed it.

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@asherwolf @bestthingsbot bump:
Todays was feeling ok about not being okay sometimes, and asking for help when I needed it.

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Hey Fediverse - the world can be a pretty shitty place sometimes.

One of the few things that was good about Twitter was @asherwolf 's "Best Thing Of The Day" posts.

Talking to Asher, she's encouraged me to take up the practice directly. So I've been following through here and elsewhere.

I encourage you all to also take up the practice either by asking yourself the question "What was the best thing about today?" once a day and posting under or following @bestthingsbot to reflect on the best part of your day. It's only got 73 followers and few replies and I think collectively we can do better.

I realise not every day IS a good day and even posts like "a comfortable bed when I got home" is still fine too. It's LITERALLY the thought that counts here.

It's a simple ""Antidote to dissatisfaction" practice that has real world positive benefits with scientific backing (See Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
- )

I have started doing this yesterday here:

Where I am, the day is just getting started, I'll bump this later tonight.

I know when I first started this, just even contemplating this felt like a smack in the face to my brain, so I'll get it in early so the thoughts there for later tonight.

Or post now if you're global!

Thinking about modding a flip clock

Who can guess how? :)

I for one, am glad justin is never off his bullshit


I am back on my bullshit
'Business case for the Points Based Activation System' via


@Posty @asherwolf @bestthingsbot love Asher, she's taught me so much, love her "best thing today"

One single type of payment terminal (the Verifone H5000), a rather old platform, officially announced End of Life 2018 with some sort of support until 2023, brought down big parts of card payment all over Germany as one of the embedded certificates expired unnoticed on Tuesday.

My Grandma always used to say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

I don't know if that's true, or just one of Granny's myths.

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