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Hi! If you're reading this, please ask yourself "Why Are You Here?" - let's start with the instance you're on, and expand to mastodon. do you prefer this federated, self hosted model? just trying something new? tell us all.
You can read my and many other responses over at .
I'd love to read yours.

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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

I set up one of those Ko-fi things that I'll probably accidentally neglect despite the best of intentions not to.

zerg rush is a real thing and soldier ants hooo boy

thanks to I have learnt that ants are extremely fucking metal

I kind of want to do something for @aussocialadmin 's site 'birthday' other than cash.
I'm thinking of singing or playing - but I can't really do it right now because my son just went to sleep. :P

Happy first birthday Aus.Social! :blobcatrainbow:

I'll be launching a PixelFed (Instagramish) to Celebrate! 🎉

Lastly... if you feel the urge to support us and our community, Please feel free to throw me a dollar at :annoyingdog:

Hey all. I'm loving hanging out in this space. And tbh not flush with cash. But I worked out I could afford a couple of $ per month (literally $2) to go towards's running costs. ATM they are getting $21 per month with 10 patrons. If 15 more of us pledge two bucks each, we can cover the running costs with a teeny bit extra. But, even $1 per month will help! Or less if you can't afford that.

You can get it shitting
You can get it fitting
You can get it mailing a kau
Matter of fact I've got it now


I don't want to jinx it but it's looking like Australia has got away clean, without any national Book Week Blackface Incidents

Tried stegodon on my touchpad but it didn’t work :/


waiting to see what the furries do with it


This wearable robotic tail was designed to help humans correct their balance the same way animals do.

Confirmed mame4all works with zero slowdowns for mortal kombat on my old hp touchpad with pac man android on it :)

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