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Hi, I have avoided for the longest time. Mainly because I dislike having to sum myself up in a bio. I learnt in the other place that if you do so, it will just be used against you so I left it blank to infuriate those who would.

But this is a nicer place.

I'm a father of 1x lovely 4 year old with ADHD and autism who never stops. Husband of @Tarale who is trying to get diagnosed and help for autism, and me who doesn't see the point at my age of bothering and probably is neurodivergent... but I ain't gonna spend anymore time on it.

I enjoy spirited debate and through the years am both at once someone who can negotiate and probably doesn't know when to quit.

I care deeply about fairness, transparency and privacy - My latest project is - coordinating freedom of information requests for the greater good.

read more from @asherwolf here about it:

I plan on integrating mastodon into it :)

I also have many other projects, probably too many of them.

I dabble with music, love VR gaming, old things, listening to vinyl, and want to see flourish because I believe it is the future of the "town square" - but it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

Fuck the SA government.

My partner was able to get cannabid oil on prescription from her doctor for two years, and found it made her life livable again.

Now without warning she finds no one she's seeing is authorised to prescribe it any more, and her original specialist has retired and she has almost nothing left.

Where do we go? Seeing a new specialist takes time and in the meantime she'll be left with nothing.

Here's an idea, if governments don't like people using illegal drugs, make their alternative easy to get!

i'm developing an open source alternative to wage labour

It’s annoying that sometimes you get what you want, but almost never in the way you want it

Hey so here's my !

I'm Phoebe, I'm 36 years old and I'm transgender. I'm unemployed, but hoping to go back to study in the new year in a healthcare related field.

I like binging tv shows, anime and movies, I *really* love Star Trek. I'm a bit of an artist, but I'm entirely self taught, so it's not like I'm creating masterpieces or anything, but I like to futz about with GIMP, Affinity Designer and Blender. I got a DSLR awhile ago and I like to break it out every now and then. Real jack of all trades master of none territory.

I am annoyingly political, although I keep most of that to discord and twitter. So yeah, glad to be here and hopefully we can make this take off!


i have ensured i have listened to the sex pistols at least once today (oh so very tired but still appropriate).

Should have lead with this


We are deeply saddened by the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing and express deep gratitude and thanks for her service to the Commonwealth.


pure 'jez'/'damo' energy

I am here for it


An 18-year old is accused of robbing a Gold Coast service station at knife-point.

The young man allegedly demanded money from a shop attendant while armed with a machete.

The teen has been released on bail and denied any involvement in the alleged robbery.


toilet paper: fold or crumple?

I love continuing to hold. I love knowing that agents are still helping other customers. I am delighted to hear your feelings re: the importance of this call. I quiver with pleasure at the thought of the next available agent answering my query.

I used the leftover maccas schezwan sauce on my home made fried rice dinner

Felt sacrelicious

Siri finally understands what I mean when I say “play Komm, süsser Tod”

So that’s nice

Feeling dumb lately, but it’s medical I think. Shit sucks. Good news is I’m back at work, how useful I am is another question.

Every now and then I wonder "What's happening on Paul Keatings Fax Machine"?
Today is one of those days.

free ideas for hellsite - an account that just collates avatars of gough whitlam saying stupid shit

it's always bloody whitlam too

Is anyone here interested in acquiring this complete set of Babylon 5 scripts and assorted other books that Cafe Press did in the 2010s? Very good to mint condition. Many are autographed by actors and JMS. :boost_ok:

The state is threatened by caring people talking and sharing ideas with each other.

The strength of our resistance, and the strong networks we form, is what scares them the most.

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