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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

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Important jab question:
Do you
look at the needle going in
Look away from the needle going in

Mr nearly 4
“I dont want peanut butter on toast, I want plain toast!”
Previously stated no objection when I mentioned it
“Oh *turns bread over* this side is plain!”
*looks at it, takes toast, starts eating*
Half a slice down now

So mr nearly 4 likes some ‘scary’ movies like: Aladdin, tonight I showed him ichabod and the headless horseman and he was super ok with it. Likes the slightly spoopy. He’s ok as long as he’s in his “comfy nook” aka our big blanket to cuddle.

Qi wireless charging is slightly magick

Thank you no further comment

Crims trusting random companies that spring up to handle all their sensitive comms will never cease to be funny

I love os x sometimes.
"quick setup" guide for windows? half a page including flashing custom drivers
and you're not even there yet
mac osx? bloody download the app, plug the dongle in, open, open the frequency. AirPlay support default.
Much ❤️

I just saw an ad on reddit that said “invest in Bitcoin with your super” and my brain immediately involuntarily closed it before I could get a screenshot

“Decentralised cryptocurrencies are a cyberpunk parody of unregulated capitalism. They are a disastrous resource drain on the world, by design.”


Supposedly Green Cryptocurrency Chia Is Just Another Way of Wasting Resources - Foreign Policy

We had a power outage a few days ago, I have a UPS to keep my internet up to check power status etc. I was going to watch some TV but instead watched Netflix in VR on oculus quest 2 standalone. Was just as good - definite “living in the future”moment

I mean, this is wrong - but if this is your argument- surely politicians must uninstall all those apps they use


Been thinking about this headline all of yesterday and also, all of today as well

Watched child’s play 2019 - never saw the original- I liked about 60% of the film, but they spent a lot of time showing chucky as this semi-tragic empathetic character only to squander it when it’s like “oh we better get to some mayhem or the crowd will be mad” levels

Just retweeeting so the crowd know that Shawn woods videos are flat out being stolen to sell cheap knock offs of a small companies product - rinne traps -


🐁A bucket of rats can be filled in one night.
Get yours👉

The receiver developers aren’t taking any shit from valve, but I’m not quite sure what they want from the lawsuit?


According to this extract from the Valve monopoly lawsuit, publishers can't sell their products with lower prices on competitor stores, or Valve will remove or threaten to remove their products from Steam. This is the behavior of a monopolist in control over an entire industry:

I still love this picture

RT I have strong opinions on this

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