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Built a new PC system on the weekend and things are going pretty well. Only downside is that I couldn't get hold of sleeved cables for my PSU so cable management isn't as good as it could be yet.

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I had absolutely no idea that the baseball diamond from the movie Field of Dreams had been preserved. Moreover I had no idea that the MLB plays a game at a temporary stadium nearby since last year.

I can be a big kid sometimes. Been waiting over a year for this to be released and it's pretty darn cool.

In Brisbane for work and enjoying a little something for brekkie

Strange day today in that all soccer games were called off before the weekend started. Only a few games left and it feels bad to lose one.

Well I wouldn't have picked Russell to be on pole for the but the top ten isn't usual either. First few laps of today's race are going to be interesting I think.

So, on and post-holiday I made a few minor changes to my diet. Nothing major so far and slowly working on the exercise part but my weight has gone down which is nice to see.

Hopefully I can keep it up. I see weight loss a bit like the quit smoking adverts I used to see. Where every failed attempt eventually leads to success.

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Tested myself today and upgraded from a Pixel 5 to a Pixel 6 Pro. So far so good.

I did a thing and replaced the faucet on the kitchen sink.

Almost home, shame holidays have to end really.

So after about 4k or so kilometres my holiday in Western Australia comes to an end. Flying back to Canberra tomorrow and the work the day after. It's been quite the adventure.

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Snorkeled with sea lions today just off the coast of Jurien Bay. Only saw the one in the water but it was pretty cool to see them in action. #Australia #WesternAustralia #JurienBay #Nature #SeaLions

Before we left we had to pay one last visit to the pelicans.

Heading in to Jurien Bay today, our penultimate car day of this holiday, for me anyway. Kalbarri was lovely and there's been heaps I've not posted, mostly due to lack of signal.

Anyway, be sad to go back to work next Tuesday but I'm going to savour the days on leave I have left.

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