My bull pup needs a rehoming here in Aus,Jeff is a nice boy .you need him let me know so we can meet up ,coming with all his new job is getting me so mobile no more time to take care of him😥

@phills Aw, that adorable face. If Jeff had been in Ireland, something tells me Oskar (our huskamute) would have had a tiny new brother because how can you resist? :) Best of luck finding a good home for him.


@phills Where are you? And by association, Jeff? I see your post about moving to Albany.

@phills We'd be interested and/or interested on behalf of my in laws but it's a bit far for dog adopting (even if only from Perth)

@uxintro awwww!! the ride is going to be long .except maybe I shipped him over?? Really need a cool home for my boy soonest 😥

@phills Would you consider meeting halfway for a handover? Arthur River, Kojonup, Williams? And other practical questions: how old is he now? Is he fixed? Vaccinated?

@uxintro it's a long ride, and he is just 12weeks, vaccinated .that's why I prefer him shipped so he can be handled the way he deserves . I shipped the two sisters last week but if there's any body around big grove will be good too

@phills how do i get him phills, im in melb, how much? You ship?

@cely giving Jeff for just $500, no prop if you can pay for the shipment of my pug boy ,Jeff.wont propose a ride with him ,he is just 12weeks

@phills I need a husky from you not pug, bebi jack you sent over got drowned in a pool ,,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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