My brother’s dog, Tilly, is a gorgeous girl. She’s getting old now though and deaf as a post. She needs to see you to know you’re there but then she comes hustling over for lots of pats and rubs.

Climb out of Brisbane with a turn over West End that let me look down at home. Then I was in my happy place up among the clouds.

Having a little rest
not stuck
nothing to see here
move along
just a cat being a cat

A perfect 21°c winter afternoon for a walk along the river then relaxing on my balcony with a beer in the late afternoon sun. These are both activities that are good for my mental health.

RAAF planes 

The RAAF Roulettes just did a flyover of the Ekka and then followed the river around West End. Only quick enough to catch three of the six going over.

food and self care 

My definition of self care for today. A walk to get a burger and chips from the local Broken Hearts Burger Club.

I had a list of things to do today but that plan has hit a slight snag in the shape of a cat.


The power of social media

See on insta the local craft brewery is putting your favourite in cans
Go for lunch
Come home with beer

Had some shutters installed at my windows and one balcony door. Pretty happy with the work and how they look but in particular the way the one in the study contrasts against the blue wall. Can’t wait to seal out the light in summer and sleep with the aircon on.

Someone worked out what to do with the stickers you get with Apple products. Love it.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This thought from 13 years ago is remarkably similar to one I had a few weeks ago that resulted in me booking leave.

I like when @ash sends me a message. The notification with the puppy pic on my Apple Watch never fails to make me smile.

The cat giving me her please don’t follow me around singing face moments before going to hide in the bedroom. 🐈

The best part of it being July is that I can start saying “I go on holidays at the end of the month”.
I find it important for my mental health to always have a break planned. The length, a few days or a few weeks, doesn’t matter. As long as it’s there to look forward to.

In the Brisbane floods at the end of February, the basement carpark filled with water and the lift was damaged. It’s been four months of up and down the fire stairs, 97 steps from ground to my apartment on the fifth floor. The lift was to be back yesterday but it didn’t happen 😭

Saturday looking increasingly like a stay at home day.

“Should have bought me a hammock”.
Not content with slowing clawing the chair to pieces the cat has been making the underneath a little hiding spot. This is why I think of it as the ‘sacrificial chair’.

My Saturday was lunch at a favourite Italian, a show and then a few drinks. Sometimes you just need to ignore the trouble and strife in the world and be thankful you can indulge in the simple pleasures.

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