Our cats would like to report that they are cold.
(I turned the heated beds off).
(It is *uncomfortably* warm in the room where they are).

I've made a bit of progress on the intimidating project. I love this colourwork so much!

Conference day (night) 3. Tonight we're having ourselves a little cat party on the couch

Wow, Elsevier are really earning their subscription fees with pdfs of this sort of quality


Tonight I used up some leftover roast lamb to make curry and decided to make roti as well (my first time). Can confirm I'll be making it again.

Selfie, eye contact 

Me: guess I'll work on the couch
Cats: wahey lap time!


We're in our old neck of the woods because we both had appointments with our myotherapist. So we're at Oasis Bakery for lunch.


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