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Hello! I am now here for my alt for when the NBN goes down at @daedalus 's house.

I think eigenmagic is having an instance blip.

@aussocialadmin Not sure what's going on with this account. Maybe the mass import of follows tripped something? I'm not getting any new toots on the timeline.

I am updating my alt in case @daedalus's server goes down while the nbn is being excellent* again tomorrow.

Day two of our paper writing workshop. I spent 30 minutes working on my introduction this morning but it still needs a lot of work. It's very flabby.

I took a look at our little seedling trays earlier: we have strong beans, some corn sprouting, a bunch of tomatoes, but still no sign of chillies or zucchini. The chilli seeds were *old* so might not germinate, but if all else fails we can get some seedlings.

I have tweaked my introduction some but I am currently not feeling the energy to continue. I might just get up early tomorrow and spend 30 mins looking at it before the workshop starts.

Hrmph. I posted the video of that drum carder being made last week.

Selfie, eye contact 

Me: guess I'll work on the couch
Cats: wahey lap time!

I hate working on weekends but I'm gonna have to spend an hour or two tightening up the introduction of my paper today so I can get some good feedback at tomorrow's workshop.

Having a wee rest after accidentally mowing one third of the backyard.
(Accidentally because it wasn't on my to-do list; one third because the battery ran out.)

It's so weird seeing the handles of users coming up without a suffix.


We're in our old neck of the woods because we both had appointments with our myotherapist. So we're at Oasis Bakery for lunch.

Hello! I am now here for my alt for when the NBN goes down at @daedalus 's house.


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