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Hello! I am now here for my alt for when the NBN goes down at @daedalus 's house.

Our cats would like to report that they are cold.
(I turned the heated beds off).
(It is *uncomfortably* warm in the room where they are).


Me last night: I'll set this code running overnight to run 2000 simulations, that's 58,000 experiments with my nominated variables.
Me this morning: Wow, that outputs a csv with 11 million rows.
R this morning: You want me to work with a file that's HOW large?

Energy retailer opinions 

Apparently Powershop have been bought by Shell so I have spent the first 30 minutes of my day switching our energy retailer to Energy Locals, who are a not-for-profit cooperative.

I'm here for like two weeks. It feels much better than constantly being on Facebook. I'm calmer and more present.

But I really miss my #yarn and #handspinning tribe. I have noone to really share this passion with in real life, and there seems to be like I'm the only mastodon user in this niche.
Maybe I should not care and just create. It just feels a bit lonely like this.

Or maybe I'm just too stupid to navigate the #fediverse. But I'm really not that geeky Person...

Hmm, I think the venerable might be down this morning.

I have started the first sleeve of the intimidating project. I love the results of tubular cast ons, but no other cast on takes me two hours to cast on 66 stitches

I've made a bit of progress on the intimidating project. I love this colourwork so much!


I was going to celebrate the new year by going for a test (slightly scratchy throat) but there's a three hour wait already at our closest site so I guess I'll just not leave the house instead.

Chicken of the Month, January 2021. Also Chicken of the Year. and Chicken of the Decade.

It's a 2021 miracle - I woke up and I didn't feel terrible! Did yesterday's migraine attack really only last one day?

Happy new year to everyone here in the Fediverse.

Despite rumours 2021 is starting off with a beautiful day.

Already in bed (the cats get upset if we change their routine; see also: migraine) and I'm googling where to buy Cat Lax; how's your NYE?

In a final indignity of 2020, it looks like eigenmagic has gone down.

Conference day (night) 3. Tonight we're having ourselves a little cat party on the couch

Death, celebrity 

It seems that just after we had our Hunt for Red October watch party last night, Sean Connery passed away.

Melbourne, covid 

Apparently they reviewed and rejected today's single case, which makes it another 🍩 day here!

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