Wicket keeper: puts on gloves and stands back
Harvey Norman: 3 years no interest
Sensor light: only works if someone walks past
Noodles: thinks all jobs take 2 minutes
Blister: appears when the hard work is done
Showbag: full of shit
Lantern: not very bright and has to be carried
Deck chair: always folds under pressure
Perth: 3 hours behind everyone else
G-spot: you can never find him
Bushranger: holds everyone up
Wheelbarrow: only works when he's pushed
Limo: carries about 8 people
Cordless: charges all night but only works for 2 hours

@peemee ha! I used to chef in a pasta joint and my standard answer for "how long for table x?" was always two minutes! Totally a noodle!

@peemee My Dad used to work on the waterfront. They had a man there who had the nickname 'the Judge' because he was always sitting on a case...

@peemee Many years ago working for the old Ministry of Works, we had a bloke called "Pockets" because thatʹs where his hands always were. His occasional other nickname was "The Policeman" for his tendency to appear for a chat, stand around watching the others work, and then wander off.

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