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The answer to getting the Shed’s iPhone updated was to connect my iPhone’s hotspot via cable, then set the iMac’s wifi so it makes a wifi network of its own via internet sharing. Then the iPhone has a workable wifi. I’ll try to remember that in future. I never even come close to using my phone’s monthly data allowance.

How aggravating. Men’s Shed iPhone needs a wifi network to install the latest update & it doesn’t recognise the hotspot from my iPhone as a wifi network. I’ll take it home & do it there instead.

The Cooper’s Sparkling Ale member’s deal at Dan Murphy’s is over, back up to $21 per six-pack. But now they have Cooper’s Pale Ale as a member’s special for $15 per six-pack.

Broached my supply of Cooper’s Sparkling Ale. By heck, that’s a lovely drop. Slid down most smoothly.

Sydney’s lockdown will be extended by four weeks although stay-at-home orders for Orange City Council, Blayney Shire Council, and Cabonne Shire Council in the state’s west will lift at 12.01am on Wednesday.

Strange how Victoria’s lockdown ceases at 11:59 pm on Tuesday while in NSW the changes happen two minutes later at 12:01 am on Wednesday.

Stay safe Sydney-ites, you can do this. Melbourne endured 111 straight days of lockdown last Winter/Spring.

Ricqlès Peppermint Cure bottle arrived today: only 11 days late.

Woot! Leisure centre pool will be available from 5:30 am tomorrow.

Framework | Framework Laptop pre-orders are now open. Interesting device. You can replace/upgrade just about anything inside it, even use the graphics card in an eGPU if that takes your fancy. If you plan on running it from the gallium nitrate charger only, the internal battery can be disconnected. Lots more to love about this device. Linus Tech Tips on YouTube has a fine report on the thing.

Apple updates again: macOS 11.5.1; iPadOS 14.7.1 & iOS 14.7.1 are now out in the wild.

Toes are going numb & white again, Raynaud’s Syndrome. I’ve been wearing thermal socks since taking a shower yesterday - normally they keep the feet warm enough so the condition doesn’t get to start. Heated compression foot massage first, then a hot shower with the stream on the affected toes.

Home-made barista-style oat milk.
Plain Vitasoy oat milk with cream added. Really whips up to a decent foam in my coffee.

Mike Oldfield’s Mont St Michel thundering out of a stereo pair of HomePods sourced from an Apple TV is my current jam.

Big poke, prod & pinch session at the physiotherapist today. Working on the neck, shoulder & upper back for a change.

Cooper’s Sparkling Ale collected. Lovely brew. There used to be (30+years ago) a restaurant somewhere in Sth Melbourne that only served that brew if it had been bottled for at least two years.

In the past I have observed (using Carbon Copy Cloner) that my MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM can accumulate up to 16 GB of system snapshots in 24 hours of hourly snapshots, especially if there’s been an OS upgrade.
Today I noticed my iMac (with 16 GB RAM) had allocated 29 GB of snapshots. I’m seeing a pattern in the snapshot-to-RAM ratio.
While CCC can remove said snapshots, there’s no need to do so. At the end of the day they are amalgamated into a single daily snapshot and space is restored.

Panic over. One of this week’s specials at Woolworths is Twinings Infuse cold water infusion bags. They’re 50% off, worth buying.

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