Decided it was time to utilise the last of a good thing. In Sept of 2016, The Daily Juice company stopped making Sunnyboys, ice-blocks in Orange, Razz & Glug flavours, concentrating on the Zooper Dooper range instead.

I bought several boxes of the things (36 to a box over the next 18 months from a number of different grocery clearance outlets. There are only 5 units remaining, 2 Razz, 2 Orange & 1 Glug; they went into the freezer last night.

They’ll be gone in under a week.

Payment for tumble dryer reversed. Have purchased from an online-only appliance store. Delivery day is Thursday, between 6:30 am & 7pm. They’ll be removing the old dead dryer.

As an interim measure I have been doing small wash loads (7 kg front-loader), 1,200 rpm spin cycle and placing them on a couple of clothes airers. These in turn are in front of the reverse cycle air-con dialled up to 21ºC. It works OK.

Since that online tumble dryer purchasing fiasco, I’ve found another trader, one who recently closed 22 showrooms to concentrate on their online business. They have the same item, a few Oz Micro Pesos cheaper, in stock with guaranteed free next day delivery & removal of the old device. Once my refund is processed, I’ll buy from this new mob.

My tumble dryer shat itself on Friday. I thought I had bought a replacement item online but they emailed me to say it was out of stock in their Melbourne warehouse & they’d get back to me when their supplier had more stock. I was given the option to cancel the order, I have just done so.

Attempted to download Zoom onto my Nokia 7.1 Android phone. Stuck on “waiting to download.” So I bypassed that & grabbed the .apk package from the Zoom website & installed it from that. Worked fine after I changed the app source permissions.

Corona food being done. Well, the coconut curry dry mix is by Corona Foods in Knoxfield, Melbourne. My brother used to work there & would sneak out bags & buckets & sample pots of sauces, dry mixes, rubs & marinades.

I’m turning a relatively boring tuna, veg, rice & tomato dish into a mild curry.

On the weekend I bought some capsicums that weren’t sure if they were red or green. What was more important was they were fully $2 per kg cheaper than the defined colour red, green & yellow ones.

Flour is hard to find at present but I can’t recall the last time I used any.

Original iSight is recognised as a webcam via a series of three adapters required to interface between Thunderbolt 3 & Firewire 400. But it’s only a VGA-quality thing & the built-in stereo mics are not visible to the system.

MacBook Pro has suddenly decided to recognise Firewire dongle. When it wants to, which isn’t all the time.

The collection of dongles required to convert Thunderbolt 3 to Firewire 400 is not recognised on the MacBook Pro although it is seen on a 4k iMac of the same vintage.

It’s possible the multi-port (with PD power delivery port) hub being used for the external display & the display’s own 2-port USB hub is drawing too much power for the MBP to supply.

Re today’s project: Firewire 400 devices are not being recognised by my Thunderbolt 3 to T/bolt 2 & T/bolt 2 to Firewire 800 plus FW 800 to FW400 line of dongles. System doesn’t see any firewire connections.USB hub on the display works fine, I have a webcam & external soundcard attached to that.

Thought I’d make a toastie for breakfast, but the bread had gone mouldy (I don’t eat much of it) so I ducked out for a quick essentials buy-up at a nearby supermarket. Got a nice loaf of dark rye & amazingly, a few rolls of toilet tissue.

20 of them. That’s the only size in stock.

Going to mess around with various webcams, USB-C docks, Thunderbolt 2 & 3 dongles and see if I can connect the 2004 Apple 20-in Cinema Display to my 2017 MacBook Pro. I have proved the DisplayLink USB - to - DVI works, the trick is to get the USB & FireWire 400 ports on the back of the display working.

Inspiration came to me today amidst WhatsApp & email convos between Mac User Group committee members. We’re in the process of shifting from physical meetings to Zoom online. The main monthly meeting is organised into SIGs aka Special Interest Groups (I co-ordinate two of them). I felt it would be more appropriate to call the Zoom equivalent “eSIGs.” Committee seems happy with that.

Leftover basmati rice, some canned tuna, pasta sauce & stir-fry veggies will be tonight’s tucker treat.

Thought (initially) that I’d had a win when I spotted some purple packaged items filling the section of a supermarket where the toilet tissue is normally located. My first impression was a load of Quilton paper was out on the shelves.

Alas, it wasn’t to be! Easter approaches & Cadbury Easter eggs & chocolate bunnies have very similar purple colouration to the desired product.

I haven’t thrown out my collection of add socks yet.

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