While scanning another batch of photos for Mum I found a telegram sent the day after I was born from my late aunt (whose funeral was two months ago) and her husband to Mum. I posted it to a family group on Farcebørk with a caption explaining that was how quick messages used to be sent before email & the internet.

Scanned 17 more photos and loaded them to Mum’s iPad set up as a Picture Frame device. Those scans were from the last box of photos to be found. The nursing home likes all electrical gear to have a current (unintended pun) electrical test and tag label on it. So I swapped the power supply’s lead from my laptop: I had it tested free at the Men’s Shed. It’s all set up & ready to go.

A mini cheese platter with my cup of tea: garlic feta; smoked cheddar; pepato pecorino & a blue vein buffalo milk cheese.

Quarantining at home on the agenda for travelling Australians.

Yeah, because that worked so well in Victoria’s first shutdown.

Picture of fuckwit attached.

It’s an expensive exercise, buying gourmet dairy produce. Spent about $100 on three sheep milk cheeses, three cows milk & one buffalo cheese, the latter being a blue vein. Then there’s a litre of kefir, two litres of pasteurised-only milk and a tub of cream. All from Gippsland-based farms.

There was an email demanding attention. It said my favourite Earl Grey tea was 30% off the normal price if I ordered within ten days. Done, just about out of proper (loose leaf) tea.

Followed a fuckwit in a Jeep for over 20 km on highways & arterial toads, only three times did that goat-humper take his foot off the brakes and that was to negotiate three roundabouts. Wasn’t slow, he stuck to the posted speed limits but almost always with three stoplights illuminated. Tit.

Pretty annoyed with a pharmacy expansion work: they’re extending into what used to be five angle parking spaces, two for seniors, two for disabled & one short-term. Naturally these spaces have been closed off. Three nearby spaces have become two disabled bays & possibly two more spaces will be available with parallel parking in front of the new development. I hope the pharmacy is paying for the loss of those spaces.

Large number of spam sign-ups from IP, might be worth proactively blocking #mastoadmin

—> continued… I decided not to avail myself of VueScan Standard, that’s just a one-year license; in any case I’ve been using Vuescan Professional since 2008.
Professional offers more features than Standard & is a perpetual license. I haven’t had to pay for any updates since buying it in 2008.

I’ve been resisting updating my MS Office-compatible Office suite, SoftMaker Office 2018 as I’ve not used it much. But the latest deal was too good to refuse, even though it’s a bit pointless for me.
SoftMaker Office 2021 upgrade from 2018 is normally AU$65 but you can pay AU$45 & get it bundled with Vuescan Standard (normally US$80) in a special deal.
I took the 2021 option (available for up to 3 computers) and works with PC, Mac & Linux, as does Vuescan. —> to be continued...

Friend with a 2012 iMac contacted me today to say his 2012 iMac which had been working fine was no longer responding. I suggested he try booting up from the recovery partition. He reported back that while it had taken about 5 minutes it had done so & he was performing a Time Machine restoration to a backup made earlier today.
He’s just responded with the news that all is well after the restoration & thanked me for reminding him that his email app would have to rebuild the database. He’s happy.

Aged care facility will be able to organise patient transport for the scans, etc.

Mum’s GP is concerned about Mum’s health. She wants to send Mum off next week for a CT scan and then based on that either a colonoscopy or a endoscopy. Searching for abnormal growths. Possibility of bowel cancer. The history of Mum’s side of the family is they either die from old age or cancer.

General GP checkup visit today. Asked about ‘flu vaccine. He has just added me to today’s queue, I’ll have it done within 20 minutes.

Bought & paid for two Dymo-compatible labelling tapes from InkStation. Price paid was $7.90 each. Package arrived today: consisted of one compatible & one genuine, both charged at the compatible rate. Genuine ones go for about $13 each at normal retailers.

I may never go back to that pathology collection point. Today’s collection was MSU (Mid Stream Urine) and there was no way to dry my hands following the process. No paper towel & the electric hand dryer only worked for half a second. No number two scraper paper either.

Loaded 1265 pics onto the iPad 1 via a sync, then found some shots were corrupted, unable to delete directly from the device. So I performed another sync, this time without selecting pics.
Next I loaded the desired photos onto an iPod touch via a USB drive. Earlier testing showed the iPod was recognised by the iPad as a camera when attached via the iPad Camera Connector kit’s USB adapter. Photos transferred in such a manner can be deleted from the iPad as required. The iPad now has 1249 photos.

My brother & family have taken a 6-day holiday to northern Tasmania. The latest weather reports show it’s colder & wetter there than here!

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