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Curse! Foiled again! The barber I thought I was booked in with on Tuesday has signs of his front & back doors indicating he’ll not be open until Nov 13.

Given up on queuing at a barber shop, found one locally with an online booking system. Booked in for 9:45 am on Tuesday.

Christian Porter Becomes New Yellow Wiggle After Group Reveals They Were Behind $1 Million Blind Trust | The Shovel

I found another service that needed updated credit card details. EezyWash. When I wash the car the nearest place just happens to be an EezyWash site. Identify which wash bay you’re in, work out the time/payment amount you want debited from you card, enter that info in their app & tap the start button.

I’m no longer a heavy drinker. Case in point: I still have two stubbies remaining from a six-pack of Cooper’s Sparkling ale which I bought late in July. 40 years ago I’d have downed the lot in a night.

1st stage of today’s lunch opened. I’m starting with a Cooper’s Sparkling Ale.

Got inside from s shopping trip & the phone told me my AirPods Pro had lost contact with the phone and their last known location was 18 km away. Actually they were still in the car…

Missed out on a short queue at the barber, I’ll try again in the next few days. Maybe I’ll have better luck at the car wash…

Just driven past roadworks. They’re putting in barrel drains, consistent with future widening of the road. Chance would be a fine thing: this time in 1982 I was operating a trencher installing 4” Telecom conduit because it was expected that the particular arterial road would soon be duplicated.

No chance of a haircut at the usual place today. There’s a queue at least 50 metres long.

Barbershop on Facebook says they’re opening from 9am today for walk-in customers, not accepting appointments. I’m going to see how big the queue is…

Apple Mail & iCloud make it so easy to send huge attachments via email. Today I sent a 400 MB video recording of a Zoom meeting. I composed the email in the normal manner from my iCloud account and it was uploaded to iCloud’s Mail Drop server(s). There it will stay for 30 days before being deleted automatically. Recipients get a download link instead of a traditional attachment. Files up to 5 GB can be sent & a users’ Mail Drop space is a maximum of 1 TB over the 30-day period.

Pro Tip: Save business cards of people you don't like. If you ever hit a parked car accidentally, just write "Sorry" on the back and leave it on the

A few hours ago I learned of the death of a Men’s Shed ex-member. He’d been deteriorating for the last couple of years and died in palliative care in hospital. He has no close family in this country and had turned 81 last month.
I’m desperately trying to find funeral info.

That was unexpected. Helped a friend with computer, phone, iPad hardware & software issues. He gave me lunch and plied me with tea & bickies. Then barred the exit until I accepted the cash he was “offering” for my services.

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