Umbrellas work not by deflecting rain but by deterring rain.

Think about it. If you carry an umbrella it never rains. Leave it at home & you get wet.

Or as a former workmate said, “a wet arse & no fish.”

While I’m yet to see any Xmas shite in the shops, I spotted this horror in Coles yesterday.

Message says I can expect my next shipment from to arrive between tomorrow & Friday. Good because there’s only enough left from the June shipment for about ½ a cup of tea.

At 7:56 am today I received text & email confirmation that the recent order from Big W was ready for pickup & the confirmed time & date for said pickup was Sunday Sept 20 between 3 & 4 pm.
Or approx 41 hours ago.
I may have trouble making that time...

Awkward. My Web Receipts folders on my Macs are synced with my Nextcloud service. Prior to iOS/iPad OS 14 I could use the share sheet from most apps to send a PDF receipt directly to Nextcloud which would sync them to the Macs. But now they have been arriving with nothing other than a file name, no content at all.
The way around is to save the PDF to the Files app and import it from the Nextcloud app.

I have a couple of chilli plants in pots & they appeared to have died, certainly weren't well after the (now sacked) gardener poisoned the grass in my garden bed out the front. I noticed today very significant regrowth on one of them.
It would appear that Spring has sprung.

I thought I was late paying the power bill due earlier this month, there's good incentive to do so. Turns out I wasn't late & my account was in credit. So, for the power bill due for payment early next month, the total came to $4.22. Paid immediately.

A lot of the tools stolen from the Men’s Shed was Milwaukee brand, we were contacted today by a rep from Middy’s offering to become our supplier for Milwaukee gear. He also mentioned Milwaukee One Key, a tracking & inventory management tool.
It can track the location of a tool using an app installed on mobile phones & uses a tag similar to a Tile Tracker. The One Key process also includes the ability to deactivate individual tools.

I won a iPad Mini in a raffle last year, it can be used as another screen on a computer but with a 20 cm screen it’s really too small for that. The new iPad has a 26 cm screen and is really useful as a second screen for my MacBook Pro.

Just dropped off the old iPad at the Post Office with a print-out of a QR code & instructions. This directs the PO to provide packaging & print a delivery sticker addressed to Apple’s trade-in partner company. In turn I received a receipt with a tracking number and a note that there was no charge to me. The trade-in value of $230 is 27% of the price of the new iPad.

Given up using the POS Big W iOS app. Tried to paste an order number into a search field and immediately the focus shifted to a totally different page on the site. Don’t need that shit.
It’s a far better experience using the web browser built into the 1Password app.

False economy. Friend only puts AA cells in his digital camera when he needs to take photos. I asked him if the date/time stamp on the pics was important to him. “Vital,l said he. “I need a way to stop this thing from draining batteries so quickly, I’m tired of having to reset the time & date whenever I take photos. I suggested a set of four Varta lithium AAs at $16 per pack.
He still hasn’t used up the first two cells.

Grabbed a travel electric shaver for a quick fuzz removal. Damned thing drew blood. The foil is damaged. I bought this thing about 5 years ago in Big W for $22. Still available, now up to $29. I’ll collect it in about 9 hours. The pair of lithium AA cells from the old one will be OK for the new one.

Bundaberg brewed ginger & Whittaker’s caramel chocolate bar announced last month has hit the shops. 2 for $9 in Coles this week.

Great way to wear a mask, dickhead! Upside down; blue side in, not out & covering part of the mouth only.
Do us all a favour and fucken drop dead on the spot.

The young of nocturnal African burrowing mammals are the most friendly animals because apparently a little aardvark never hurt anyone.

Received & set up my iPad 8, it replaces an iPad 5. The old one will go back to Apple’s associates who are handling the trade-in side. It’s worth $230 as a trade-in.

Today we recovered a lot of the tools that were stolen from the Men’s Shed on Tuesday night. Most of the cordless tools & the iMac are still missing. Cops say more arrests & search warrants are imminent.

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