A pair of Crimson Rosellas that I spied from the breakfast table this morning at our accomodation. (shot through a large window)

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife #CrimsonRosella

I tweeted that I really liked the homage in SNW’s Spock Amok both the scene and the music and the composer found it and liked it. So good.

Did some somewhat higher-g manoeuvres in this YAK beastie

In other news I’m also in love with my new Studio Display

Having a Race for the Galaxy renaissance playing against the Keldon AI

Very glad to discover the Inscryption macOS beta test

Boxthrones are not going to be shipped to Australia anymore 🙁

Of all the questionable things about linkedin, the concept that anyone would celebrate a work anniversary is the oddest

I was absolutely over the moon to learn that there will be a new Cosmic Encounter expansion soon, and it has some sort of campaign mode 😍 fantasyflightgames.com/en/news

oh good it uses a very old mac carbon gtk integration

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Today, for some inscrutable reason, I have decided to mess about in the bowels of some C code that uses gtk

There is a possum pacing back and forth on my roof. This is not pleasing

What idiot called it "the Melbourne CBD" and not "Naarm of your business"?

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