I would just like to buy a 15u open frame rack, please and thank you

Doing that classic hack-a-thon project: setting up the dev environment

Well we didn’t plant it, we played it. It was a late night, which is why I type “plant” instead of “play” today

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We planted Ankh: Gods of Egypt for the first time last night

Well that was a bit of a depressing workday. Hate having some of my notions of fundamental organisational technological beliefs shaken up completely

I think one of my biggest, if still mild, frustrations with Mastodon was that I did not have this box checked

Really nice to be granted lockdown relief days at work. Went for a swim, paid a lot of bills: feels goodbad

I sent a shortlist of boardgames as a wish list for my birthday and I have received word that one has been purchased after a temporary relaxation of the Household Boardgame Treaty

Played Notre Dame for the first time in maybe 5-6 years last night. Such a good tight game at 2 players

I’m tired. And it’s 0013. So I guess I should to sleep (I won’t)

I am currently a victim of the alleged timer shortage

I think my play group may be building up steam about getting into another Arkham Horror campaign though

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Have managed to at least play a second game of The King is Dead Second Edition in a virtual format along with a full hunt in Bloodborne: The Board Game

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