we need to interview heaps because we have so much work and not enough people but also the work doesn’t get done because of all the interviewing. Feels like we need some new and exotic physics to fix this

I would just like a quality bookcase that looks good but doesn’t cost the earth

Finally managed to get TMNT Shadows of the Past to the table on the weekend after owning it for about 3 years

A really fun miniatures tactics game that captures the feel of a speedy comic brawl really well. No turtling allowed ironically enough!

Free idea: a website for fans of the Crab Nebula, Apple silicon, national motorways, vintage Leica cameras, and vintage Korg synthesizers, called “M1”.

Strange New Worlds finale & spoilers 

Also though I just feel it is always a terribly fraught exercise to recast such iconic characters who are so intimately linked to the performance of the original actor. The Kelvin reboots did an admirable job but it is much harder in a TV setting.

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Strange New Worlds finale & spoilers 

Like I’ve posted on the birdsite I loved the finale, so much so that I could help but reflexively laugh and clap at the end.

One thing though: I wonder what the casting call looked like for James T. Kirk because I wouldn’t have gone for a Jim Carrey vibe that would have suited a Chekov more. I did dig his energy though and different slant on it.

with the move to remote work I’ve found managing people has become perhaps intolerably impersonal. I just don’t think technology has an answer

Bookmarked a Slack search URL. It is 498 characters long.

Writing a performance review.

Outline: 20 minutes

Wordsmithing: 5 hours

surely this just acts to homogenise the entire experience and reduce the opportunity for true cultural distinctiveness

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so much of what is possible in even the slight simulacrum of the moments and experiences that build human relations, memories, and dynamics are funnelled through the narrow channels of a limited set of technologies and products

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I truly worry about company culture in the WFH era

Filling in a reference check for an ex-colleague. Gee I hate this question (in fact, I think I hate this entire electronic system)

This is a direct result from me misplacing my OPAL card

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Lost my credit card, cancelled it, and weeks later I’ve found it attached to my work pass card holder 🤦‍♂️

A pair of Crimson Rosellas that I spied from the breakfast table this morning at our accomodation. (shot through a large window)

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife #CrimsonRosella

I tweeted that I really liked the homage in SNW’s Spock Amok both the scene and the music and the composer found it and liked it. So good.

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