I’m tired. And it’s 0013. So I guess I should to sleep (I won’t)

I am currently a victim of the alleged timer shortage

I think my play group may be building up steam about getting into another Arkham Horror campaign though

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Have managed to at least play a second game of The King is Dead Second Edition in a virtual format along with a full hunt in Bloodborne: The Board Game

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I have been trying to get Pax Pamir to the table for the past 3 weeks and something keeps coming up that derails these plans

Every now and again I remember I can come here to read and post some wholesome content

Played this finally last night. Got through one campaign round. Enjoying it but it is COIN and I’m a sucker for this system.

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Looks like I’m finally getting this to the virtual table next week

Toot toot I hope everyone has a wonderful day 🤗

I feel like I have had the most productive and balanced work week in ages. Something has lifted a bit inside me.

Why is it called Tug of War and not War of Tug?

Very good that the ATO is willing to give me a *squints* $160 deduction for WFH last FY

#SysadminLife, rant 

I feel sorry for my new consultant because I am holding him to the standard that the vendor has set in its propaganda, and there’s no way he can meet it.

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My job is now pretty much constantly asking for dates, and not the good kind

My distaste for Dead of Winter probably took 5-6 plays. So mechanically dry and uninteresting for me.

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Roll for the Galaxy was one that I had immediately, and probably because of my relationship to Race for the Galaxy. How on earth people consider that game a simplification I’ll never know.

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It’s funny I rarely have a strong or visceral negative reaction to any board game, and probably even more rarely have it immediately. I guess a lot of that is probably selection bias.

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