@aurynn Chairs are annoying cause want a good one and, like a bed, you need to be in it for a while to really test it out. And this isn't even getting into the financial side of things

@shlee I love my Sleeping Duck mattress. Got it like ~6 years ago.

@betsybookworm I am an 'organiser' of PyLadies in AU, but our chapter is on hiatus. I still get the emails to invite peeps to the slack which I really need to hand off to active peeps
It is so hard!

WTB it not being hot and to be able to just digest food/drink

@aurynn our building has a gym for residents so go down there and watch commercial TV while doing workout. Then have the issue that program goes to ads and OMG there are a million of them before it gets back to the program.

Totally get the streaming service issue. Half the time is spent looking through the catalogue rather than watching anything


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