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ah.... to think a 500 char limit isn't enough but I'm too lazy to split toots...

Of the desktop apps listed on I tried:

Whalebird - Very nice looking interface, decent if you want to treat each account as its own universe because switching is slow. Has minor bugs

TheDesk - chosen as main 'cos it handles multi accs very unobtrusively. Also good customising and no-nonsense design (i.e. not that chic, classic JP app feel)

Sengi - Solid design. Handles multi accs well but starts up as a mini window and I hate it. Nav and menus are also painful

ah... Whalebird is a little broken.. the username field isn't specified correctly orz

but on the other hand it's super nice with how easy it is to add an image desc!

Tusky is such a good app for android though. It's sleek and fast and has just enough UI options

The fact that fediverse/activitypub talks to each other was so unclear to a newbie like me, used to how restrictive and prescriptive hellsite is

Getting started with Mastodon and the fediverse has its troubles.
Using native or vanilla web browsing only;
- following cross-verse is slow
- instances that block a lot of severs necessitates carrying multiple accounts and splitting up your identity with some precision and forethought
- normal web view is hideous lol, not attractive to someone in this day and age
- column view is not flexible enough!!!
- info about instances, about tools, about people, it's all really hard to assess at a glance


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