@grumpysmiffy heck yeah! Great I'm not alone in being an aussie that prefers colder days :100a:

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I woke up at 6:45AM this morning to a crisp 7 degree day that BOM said felt like 4.5 degrees. Wondering if that's why I feel positively rejuvenated and just really motivated and focused for the first time in months... Could it be that I thrive in cold weather? Could it?!

Because I turned into a fan of a Latvian band, I want to learn the language BUT my to-do log of languages is getting really long... I need to prioritise and commit to something...

I watched an sbs video presented like "investigative journalism" insomuch as crypto currency counts as "investment assets". I watched them feed the sharks and scammers $500 and subsequently watched all the money disappear....

They got an interview with Shane Oliver, top economist, and also some hack of a coin shiller and another gambler?

Idk national broadcaster I respect you usually but not today

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Ack I'm in a discord server that's not happened before oh no I am too old for this how does any of this work oh my god what the fuck was wrong with irc how do i trout people

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What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?



Nothing makes it worse than the fact Switzerland's entry is known as the NFT guy and he qualified, and Latvia who are eco-friendly nqed... The gripe eurovision fandom has with switzerland is not even that, just it was bad energy to bring to the final in comparison. I am going to upset for a long time about this hahahaha

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I knew sf1 was gonna be bloody when I saw the running order but not like this, I can't get over it... Latvia my sweet children...

@WizardOfDocs What made you interested in it enough for grad school? Is there a career at the end as well?

I must needs acquaint myself with that handsome field properly! Do you have any recommendations for casuals like me?

@WizardOfDocs noooooo not the schwas!!! Wait... They're pretty fun in english compared to other languages! What is this trickery?! :blobcatdance:

Thinking about it, I feel that every non-english language is cooler. Seems I'm biased against english but idk how this happened....

I'm kinda jealous of the way other languages pronounce vowels because they're all more fun than English.... They're all more enunciated :blobcatheart:

I unironically love legal documents, at least in Australia anyway, because they always have a Definitions section and it's always very clear and you can learn about tiny discrepancies for example:

"Registrar means the Recorder of Titles in Tasmania; the Registrar-General in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory and South Australia; and the Registrar of Titles in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia."

@virtualwolf @stibbons echoing this sentiment. I like TheDesk and Sengi in Windows but it's not nice as the web browser so I tend to stick with browser if I'm not on my android.

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I've gradually gotten bored of my cherry brown keyboard, but cannot buy a new custom kb just yet with all my expenses :blobcatcry: But then the question becomes, do I prioritise saving for a kb or put it towards a better graphics card?

I feel like I'm back in uni because I've suddenly become very attuned to the latest computer and smartphone tech...

There are days where I'm worried I will regret buying a new place, but then more often are days where I cannot wait to move there

I know the pixel 3 phone models have a battery defect where it expands to twice the size, but don't know how long I have left on my phone if or when that happens....

It's almost imperceptible but I think my phone has finally succumbed to the defect as I feel a slight puffing up on the back. I'm hoping I have two months but I don't know li-ion battery chemistry well

I switched to viewing all images as alt text because it was getting too noisy and changing pictures to sensitive content wasn't helping. Thank you everyone for writing alt texts!

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