Big order from Tea centre arrived today, full of strong black tea and floral blends, oh the duality of my tastebuds-

Most excited to try out white tea which I've never had before (I don't even know if I chose well or not, we'll see in the coming days or weekend!)

@nomo I'm due to do an order. My "bulk" tea is gunpowder, but I've got jasmine, passionflower with sencha, plain sencha, lapsang souchong, Nilgiri, oolong, and puerh. I think I decided that white wasn't for me, although I'm sure the very first one I had I liked.

@grumpysmiffy YES!! Do it!! I'm not familiar with any of these names apart from jasmine and sencha though, I must put some of these on my next order haha! And similar sentiment here for me, I found puerh decidedly not my thing, but just know there's always an exception waiting to be found...

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