I expected to instantly know how to brew, pair and drink the new white tea I got but it was all new to me!
Brewing: i want to try different pots and brew times because the flavour changes so much
Pairing: apart from drinking straight, I found light floral honey can work!
Drinking: nts don't use a mug if you want to smell anything...

Today I learned about the existence of the English pronunciation poem The Chaos, which it seems international students get to study when learning English. I greatly wish I had learned it in school too, with wonderful lines like

"Solder, soldier! Blood is thicker", Quoth he, "than liqueur or liquor", Making, it is sad but true, In bravado, much ado.

Full link soto-mayor.com/index.php/blog/

Link with transcription in IPA (unverified if correct but it's from a uni!) mural.uv.es/dacu/poem.html

I really miss my favourite French bakery for its sweets like madeleines and eclairs... The last time I made the trek by public transport would have been early last year, or even the year before (?).

One of the pivotal moments in my life was when I listened to a talk from a Usyd maths lecturer and I fell in love so hard with maths I decided to take a degree in it. The real mystery to me is how despite never being very good at maths through uni, my love has never abated, not for even a second. That lecture got me good

My tea is seasonal :blobcattea:

Winter: Te chai from Madura, or Raj's whole chai tea from Gerwürzhaus
Spring: Sakura Houjicha from Lupicia, Sweetened Matcha from Itoen, or Matcha from Tsuboichi
Summer: French Earl Grey from T2, or Soleil levant from Lupicia
Autumn: Jasmine oolong? Kobe classic from Lupicia? ???

All seasons: Earl grey from Madura; Yume au lait from Lupicia, Midnight hour from TWG; Marco polo from Mariage Freres

Big order from Tea centre arrived today, full of strong black tea and floral blends, oh the duality of my tastebuds-

Most excited to try out white tea which I've never had before (I don't even know if I chose well or not, we'll see in the coming days or weekend!)

Drinking tea with cream today because I ran out of milk... Works a treat but it feels like a special Monday because of it hah

I tried moka pot brewed Sulawesi Kalosi coffee today and gosh it was so bitter, not sure if dark roasts are meant to be like that or the coffee got brewed wrong somehow

Looking for a new English Breakfast blend to drink. I'm rather quite over Twinings if I can help it.

Not sure if I can just buy the first thing I see from David Jones' foodhall that isn't T2 (blergh!) or if I should be putting in more research...


I don't get the
- We doomed
- We screwed
- It's over
Talk about the new spike happening in sydney

Thinking about it like the common cold now be that we have vaccine in rich countries, it's not like "we", it's more like "poor countries" aren't gonna do well

I must be missing something

Just any old regular day but I've missed these landmarks.
It's the first time I've been in the area since COVID but I was still shocked to see so many shops have closed and packed up. Really drives in how touristy the area was

Bought myself a Logitech G304 as my new work mouse - it's absolutely just what I needed.

Has wireless dongle, has two buttons on left and onboard memory to program in tabbing keys, has a smooth matte surface, has a standard shape and is lightweight (considering it has a AA battery in it), and best of all, no RGB!

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TIL that Melbourne’s Bolte Bridge is a lie. Those two vertical columns do absolutely nothing and are not even connected to the bridge structure. They are totally nonfunctional.

my immediate thought on learning hearing about cracks on trams was 'they definitely outsourced these and i bet the unions and employees are even more justified in complaining about the new trains'



Seiko's 140th anniv exhibition in Ginza has a site and videos and virtual tour. So damn cute


I've been spending my week's spare time to learning so many things. Everything from learning korean, to learning about technical things like nosql, to financial crimes and forensics and accounting and auditing, to history about zombies... If there's a pattern I don't see it hahahaha

Somebody help me lololol In the Tusky app I keep accidentally swiping to the next column- methinks i need an option to let me reduce the swipe gesture sensitivity. It's funnier than it is a serious issue.. unless...?

CSS for mastodon, opensticker....... and TheDesk can read it... aaaaaaaaaaa it has so many features i cannot believe

:blobcatsweats: omg TheDesk has column stacking...!!!!

:blobcatsweats: It has column stretching, and of course width specs too....

appreciateeeeeee :blobcatdance: :blobcatdance: :blobcatdance:

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