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@aurynn ohhh that is interesting! When I started, SwiftUI was still fairly janky, but it seems to have come a fair way. So much so that I see projects like this and in the back of my mind I'm like "should I just start slowly switching things over?!"

@aurynn now we play the game of constantly checking for new crashes πŸ˜‚

@aurynn noooooooo! Hehe that's the worst feeling ever, so close to seeing some toots, yet so far away

@aurynn I am super excited to see how you go :) do you have a name for the project yet? My internal name for Mercury / the Xcode project's name is "tootstorm" πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

@aurynn oh for sure! I can't even remember how long it took for me to feel "productive" in this ecosystem, but it was well over 6 months of chipping away every other weekend or so. Xcode didn't make this easier, but I feel as though it has gotten a bit better in the last few updates

@aurynn oh nice one! As far as I can tell, Fuzi is pretty damn fast too, it's never been a bottleneck in terms of performance when I've looked at the flame graphs.

@aurynn swift playgrounds on the App Store is perfect for this 😊

@aurynn hah! Yeah, I found it an excellent base to start with and then added in some things that I needed that were missing.

_I should really clean that up and commit it back in 😬_

@aurynn certainly! the repo hasn't had much activity lately, but there are a bunch of forks that add in some of the new features :)

@aurynn hehe yeah same, Mercury was my first attempt at an iOS app. I opted to use MastodonKit and so I don't have a bunch of experience with any of the lower level caching, but I do know that some exists.

And yeah, Mercury is going well! I have mainly been focusing on accessibility over the last few months which has meant my UX overhaul plans have been put on pause for a bit :)

@aurynn I am keen to hear how you go with this and which approaches you take! The networking / local storage side was also my biggest fear and is still the part that I want to constantly blow away and start again hah.

Yeah, I'm living the dream


@diabola and if you look up too late and miss the first explosion, they've got your back and will play it at least 10 more times πŸ˜‚

@emmadavidson yesssss! This would be ace! Would be so nice not to have to wind through backstreets to get between the current paths safely 😁

@mike maybe for the one after you can bottle it in an old oil lamp and call it djinn.

@stux Pigeon is just inheriting from Helicopter because that implemented "fly" and well, I was too lazy to reimplement it

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