@diabola and if you look up too late and miss the first explosion, they've got your back and will play it at least 10 more times 😂

@emmadavidson yesssss! This would be ace! Would be so nice not to have to wind through backstreets to get between the current paths safely 😁

@mike maybe for the one after you can bottle it in an old oil lamp and call it djinn.

@stux Pigeon is just inheriting from Helicopter because that implemented "fly" and well, I was too lazy to reimplement it

@aurynn @simon_w let's hope this slide about Safari 14 actually means something 😅

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In case you missed it, Ruby New Zealand is doing $5000 community grants.

Does this sound like something that could be useful to you? You should check it out!

Also, please boost!


Soooo relieved to see Homebrew has been patched by Apple to work with Apple Silicon 😅

@aurynn ohhh that makes so much sense! I was trying to come up with a way to reconcile the multiple views into the timeline and I went with that menu screen, but I think doing it in a way similar to Tweetbot makes so much more sense! Thanks for the feedback, I'll see how I can rejigger things to make it nicer :)

And yeah that UI bug is annoying me too — I am probably doing something UIKit doesn't like, but I am not sure what 🙃. It seems it can be "fixed" by swiping down, but that is not ideal.

@aurynn oh hey there! Thank you for trying out my app ☺️

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Found Crumpet asleep on the couch like this — wonder if she was dreaming of being a super hero.

@dignityinside hey, thank you!

Yeah the plan is to make it open source eventually :) I don't know when, but I have a bunch of things I want to add and clean up first before I spend the time to make the source public.

@koosli I went to Uni in Victoria and we called it a union

@LeBelle that's my boy! Socially awkward AF 😂

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