Birdsite, uspol 

:birdsite: demonstrating why I use Mastodon for actual discussions with real humans, and :birdsite: mostly for work (because that’s where the journos still are). They finally just did something they should have done years ago and permanently suspended Trump’s account.

Here, that behaviour would just mean the Fediverse effectively turns their back and refuses to listen to the angry shouting into the void. No need for slow, centralised control.

Birdsite, uspol 

@emmadavidson finally! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Birdsite, uspol 

@daedalus doing the ban now is good. But also draws attention to the fact that they didn’t do it when they should have, when it could have reduced his reach to mobilising angry mobs multiple times over the last few years.

Birdsite, uspol 

@emmadavidson given the evidence, it's hard not to conclude that jack is a nazi.


@daedalus @emmadavidson also shows they're aware that their core offering is dangerous and yet refuse to self regulate.

@nitza @emmadavidson I would prefer speech regulation was done democratically rather than by the whims and moods of capricious billionaires.

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