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I met with two (TWO!) sets of friends this weekend, my voice is hoarse and I am more exhausted than I was on Friday, but my gosh I didn't realise how much I missed this ☺️

This cutie has been hanging out in our yard over the last few weeks 🦜

cw: alc, victoria celebration 

Victoria, you did it! You're all amazing! :kirby_happy: I can't wait to have a beer with all my friends and family there soon 🍩

One thing that the Apple Watch's hand washing detection has taught me is that my bathroom tap takes > 20s to come to the right temperature. This is especially evident as the last few days have felt particularly (unseasonably?) icy πŸ₯Ά

Over the past few weeks, a blue-tongue lizard has been sunning itself in our yard. Each day, around noon, crumpet would go find it and sit nearby watching it. It's been a few days since we've seen Lizzy but crumpet still walks to the same spot and waits for her friend to pop out.

Had my first electronic voting experience today in the ACT.

Have to say it was pretty neat and painless!

Process was essentially; receive a card with a QR code, scan said card, enter preferences, scan card again and then drop card in a ballot box. Would be interested to understand how votes get stored / how they're tied to a card. I have my guesses, but but they all lead me to something overly convoluted πŸ˜…

Yeah, I'm living the dream


Soooo relieved to see Homebrew has been patched by Apple to work with Apple Silicon πŸ˜…

Found Crumpet asleep on the couch like this β€” wonder if she was dreaming of being a super hero.

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