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Favourite memory from yesterday: blowing out candles.

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Our project has many contributors, and we'd like to take a moment to recognize a few!

- @brainblasted wrote our readme

- @hellcp joined our team and created Fred, our red panda mascot and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @trwnh joined our team and has made many contributions like refactoring the docs, triaging issues/pull requests and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @oct2pus helped us move from an MIT to AGPL license

- @kaiyou added docker support

Thank you to all contributors! #pixelfed

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Privacy, freedom of expression, and access to information are human rights, yet these rights are denied online around the world.

You can help by running a Tor bridge. #RunTorBridges

Waiting on his new iPhone to arrive...argh I hate waiting for stuff.

Almost school pick up time, i'm looking forward to seeing Mr 5.

My 5 year old's school carnival is tomorrow. That should be good.

QubesOS with a VPN, come at me feds.

Looking at installing Kali Linux into QubesOS tonight. (As a VM).

I seem to get the really rough people buying my stuff lol

Waiting for a guy to come collect a phone I'm selling....for $20 roflmao i'm not even joking.

Mr 2 woke up at 4am screaming his lungs I did the right thing and got up early with him.

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case):

It’s always so cold in the morning here. 4-6am ish

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I have a viral infection with what I think is a flu. Not getting much sleep past few nights.

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