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Favourite memory from yesterday: blowing out candles.

Mr 2 woke up at 4am screaming his lungs I did the right thing and got up early with him.

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case):

It’s always so cold in the morning here. 4-6am ish

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I have a viral infection with what I think is a flu. Not getting much sleep past few nights.

I'm attending a Webinar. Haha this should be interesting.

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@n0tj05h Good for them. Money sat in their account rather than their users. Gives folks without a bank account ability to transact online.
Bad cos Facebook.

Facebook's Crypto Currency ? Good or Bad and why? k go.

Far Twitter has had 10k views this month.

Wire, Tor, VPNs, Ciphers and encrypted devices all around...

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Scott Morrison's website has been hacked - playing 'Scotty doesn't know' on loop.

@geordie Hi, I heard you got banned from :birdsite: is that true. What for?

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