Playing Elite Dangerous again. Forgot how awesome this game is, and it's even better now with the new core mining feature. I've made about 15mil credits in two hours.

@Tarale do you take or do commissioned work, by the way?

is great and all, but give it serious thought before you decide to force your applications onto it. It's not a silver bullet. Plain, simple Docker Swarm will likely fulfill your needs just fine.

Or just don't optimise for a problem you likely don't have and avoid containerisation entirely.

You can keep costs down with smart, automatically scaling computer resources in most modern environments.

DigitalOcean, Discourse, Mailgun, and a domain = cheap and easy online community building.

(Well cheap when the domain isn't $320/year)

@liamvhogan on the back of that, it's actually quite easy to invest and get a decent return. -- what a loss for us all.

I'm going to watch Blade Runner again over the weekend as a nod to a great actor and a brilliant film.


Doing an Well Architected review today. Good process. I think it highlights problems and pain points quickly.

"Hidden Figures" - amazing film. I'm confident enough to say it made a 35 year old man cry a little bit... it may have been me. I'm not sayin'

Terraform, then some Ansible, followed by some GitLab CICD, then back and forth a bit, and then the day will be done.

Currently using @Tusky for my Android experience. Moving to iOS soon. Any client recommendations?

Turning on my Bose QC2s be like: "Connected to Nokia 6.1, and ABBHHGYTUGGHVCCDDEFFUHY13"

(work laptop fake ID may have been made longer for drama queen reasons)

I had my Aussielent for breakfast this morning as opposed to lunch. I also had a flat white with soy around 0900. Some nuts between then and 1200 but was feeling hungry.

I've gone with two Emma & Tom's bars, some blueberries, more nuts, and an avocado for lunch.

So far so good on hunger levels. Will need to make my own E&T bars though, and blueberries be expensive, so an alternative will be needed.

Making a start on my OpsKit blog posts. Breaking down the what, why and how of , , , and .

Will also convert the basic lessons into free video training courses for all.

(Also looking for feedback if anyone is interested and in the or space?)

Sorry, I don't attend meeting between 1200 and 1300 hours. That's when I'm fighting off the hangry monster.

Who's even booking meetings at that time, anyway?

Just saw The Dish at Dendy Cinema. Great film. Very inspiring. Gives me hope.

I'm totally into Zelda BOTW - great and totally on track to smash my 1,300 hour Witcher 3 marathon.


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