If you created your account a long time ago, you may be seeing Mastodon's advanced web interface (multiple columns). That interface has not been the default for years now. You can control which one you see from Preferences.

@Gargron Isn't that the only way to 'follow' hashtags though? Or am I missing something?

@mykd @Gargron you can also follow a hashtag using it's RSS feed in an RSS reader, but that's obviously quite functionally different.

@rysiek @Gargron Hmm, so Feedly might be a good Fediverse client 🤔

@rysiek @Gargron @mykd can you clarify how to do that please? I can only see Twitter, Reddit and Newsletters up the top.

@moonlightsiesta @Gargron @mykd find a hashtag you want to follow via RSS, say #solarpunk, click on it to reach the page for it on your instance. For me it's:

Now add .rss at the end:

Boom, RSS feed for #solarpunk as seen from mastodon.technology!


@rysiek @Gargron @mykd omg I just did it. That’s so simple but such a brilliant idea, ty. I’ve been wondering what rss was for for years. I did it with particular people I follow under a specific topic. That way I can have my Covid Careful ppl together ❤️ . It’s a shame we can’t follow people on twitter that way - you could have their posts show up on a feed and not have to sort through the mess. @trendless lookie!

@Gargron @mykd @rysiek @trendless @Dr_M_Inglis @Szilvia after you settle in you should look into this. It’s like making a subsection of who you follow or a particular topic (hashtag) into a newsfeed ❤️

@moonlightsiesta @Gargron @mykd @trendless Mastodon also has built-in "Lists", but I never used them. They might be better for fedi accounts.

@trendless @rysiek @Gargron @mykd I just remember someone saying the lists function doesn’t work so great

@rysiek I just tried again, the lists function doesn't work so great. 🙃

(well, it probably works just fine as intended but I want moar)
@moonlightsiesta @trendless @gargron @mykd

@moonlightsiesta @rysiek @Gargron @mykd


I loooove RSS and was so sad when Twitter got rid of it! Chronological FTW!

@moonlightsiesta @rysiek @Gargron @mykd

Will go nicely along side the rest of my feeds in Nextcloud News 😏

@moonlightsiesta I use Nextcloud instead of Google Drive/docs/sheets/keep etc. It also has "apps" for rss reading, bookmarks, passwords, instant messaging, video chat, project management, invoicing, and on and on. It can be installed anywhere; mine's on a mini computer in my house. Amazing software, albeit not without bugs. @nextcloud

@trendless @moonlightsiesta @rysiek @Gargron @mykd I'm gonna assume that was a move to up site traffic to appeal to advertisers.

@DamnCatOnMyDesk @trendless @moonlightsiesta @Gargron @mykd oh totally. And to clamp down on these pesky free-loaders that were reading :birdsite: but not contributing by letting their data get slurped by the overlord.

@DamnCatOnMyDesk @moonlightsiesta @rysiek @Gargron @mykd Ha. Disregard my other reply. Confused threads.

That would certainly make sense to me. They killed so much external access to their data, really reduced the usefulness of the site. I basically gave up using it then, until pandemic times dragged me back.


I wonder if it's because I set the description of my server (zeroes.ca) to "COVID careful Twitter refugees ♥️"


@trendless it was what we were discussing on Twitter - how to keep our Covid ppl together regardless of the platform. I wanted to see if it was possible to do it. And it looks like we can - we just don’t have that functionality in Twitter. I loved the “Covid Careful” label in that discussion.

I agree 100%. I hope people will be willing to make a change. In light of all the moderation/labeling issues over there, even prior to Musk's offer (and if it does eventually fall through), it's time to look for alternatives. We need a community we can moderate ourselves, together, based on our shared values and priorities. I'm absolutely astounded at how well the general fediverse ethos seems to dovetail with #COVIDcautious, tbh.

But as always, a big part of the value is experts. Really hoping they can see the benefit of something like scholar.social or maybe someone can setup an MD-focused instance. I'm happy to have 'em come to zeroes.ca, too, fwiw (tho' I'll need to crowdfund if there are enough folks that the server needs to be upgraded). Anything to keep the conversation and access to info+data going.

I *super* appreciate all the work you've been putting in. Really helped to kick my butt into gear. 🙏

@moonlightsiesta I think I stripped your account out of the replies above this one... oops


@trendless aww thanks. Our twitter community is especially important with so many experts dropping the ball and I want to make sure community gets strengthened. Best way is through connections.

@trendless that might be the easiest way to entice them. A dedicated “I’ll be your admin and help you get over here” service for our folk. The learning curve can be a hard one to get through when there’s such bad inertia and we’ve just gotten used to easy but limited media. A lot of people have just been going: “too hard, too confusing.”

@trendless a bit like coming into a space and going “oh wait, we’re not still debating if the world is flat?” It’s been a real wake-up call to see we deserve and should demand better.

@moonlightsiesta yes. We've forgotten it doesn't have to be that way and normalized the bad behaviour.

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