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ok so wandering around and feeling clueless but I found on Mastodon and I’m starting to feel at home. Loving how easy it is to create visual descriptions for and warnings. Here are my fur babies: Loki, Leyla and Moonie. Looking forward to finding more cat lovers and if anyone is a scientist with cats and isn’t anti-mask pls link me.:blobcatboo:

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How can the cost for proper fitting respirators be more than 1000s of deaths, millions sick, long COVID, & low morale & quits among health care workers

At a time when we need them more than ever?” Kimberly Prather, Ph.D.
Finally some hope in this pandemic :clapping:

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Making the migration to server soon, a community for ppl to go. Feel free to join us and :boost_ok: If you’re on Twitter please encourage your covidsafe followers to join:
We’re trying to get as many legit scientists, health care workers, scholars and laypeople to join so we can work together against misinformation without the usual algorithm bullshit and trolls getting in the way.

Hey everybody, I'm in the process of starting the data collection part of my thesis on Why people are Joining Mastodon. I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in an interview to share their experiences about their time on the platform. If you want to
participate or have any advice (which I really appreciate) please dm me. Thank you all very much!

Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t be good at things. It’s called garbage can. Not garbage cannot.

Since I'm having so much trouble finding a place to live, I'm considering starting a queer house to co-habitate with others in.

I've never done this before.

Seeking advice & wisdom from folx who have done a decent amount of co-housing, and especially those who have started them.

#introduction #NewHere
doing research on language variation in cat-related digital spaces #meowlogism and #purrieties , mainly qualitative and exploratory, but now also opening up to quantitative methods. Learning #python now because I am into #DigitalHumanities and #OnlineDialectology

Oh, and I am a big #cat lover 😸

Flo Mask Pro Selfie 

Oh I will mention it’s not actually that tight, I just have a round, fat face and I was smiling to show it didn’t dislodge anything. Not to mention the halo strap sit better on the top of my head but this is a pic of the other strap. I have fine, thin hair so the standard strap tended to slip down so I made it tighter fit. Halo strap fixed that but the selfie wasn’t so nice and I couldn’t be bothered taking more pics lol.

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celebration, academic 

@moonlightsiesta For sure, thanks! I'm going to get in the habit of posting Open Access preprints here with a little introductory and explanatory thread, watch this space!

Do you remember how long it took you to learn to write when you were in school, and what that involved? Copying letters over and over and over while your hand and fingers strengthened and got used to the movements?

Drawing/painting/other-forms-of-crafting are no different. You're learning a new skill; give yourself space to grow and be patient while you learn. You might be bad at first but that's fine, you're allowed to be. Keep going. Practice is part of the process. 💪


✨Don’t forget your meds!✨

Also, if you’re in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or parts of England, don’t forget to vote! 🗳💚

good afternoon one and all~~

I'm looking for projects/research that look at the the weight of data, how it manifests in huge data centres, and whether there are alternatives – lightweight/solar powered/deliberately small etc etc?

Our brains literally evolved to NOT pay attention to boring stuff

We are forced to do boring things because that keeps other folks wealthy

The reason why you want to do hobbies all day is that you were supposed to be an artisan

Artisans were once seen to be the clearest sign of civilisation, not a burden

We have enough food now that all humanity could master the lyre

But we have chosen coin

and coin does not sing

The Marine Iguana, the only marine lizard species in the world. It is endemic to the Galápagos Islands

#Writers #Bloggers
Is there something to replace Medium or WordPress in the fediverse?

Tell your young people not to give their spare energy to employed work. Their employers will take it if they give it but all that happens is the young folk burn out. Teach them “no” and “pay me”

Flo Mask Pro Selfie 

Fiancé @GoldenMicrophone says the only way he got it to fit his very large face was to have no foam insert & pull a bit of the elastomeric nose part over his nose because it’s not tall enough. Also he tried Pro & Everyday filters; there’s a stark contrast even in sound. Much prefers Everyday.

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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

Flo Mask Pro Selfie 

Really stoked with this elastomeric respirator from Flo Mask. Everyday filter almost feels like no filter. Such a good fit! Especially with the halo strap I added. First mask that my glasses fit perfectly with. everyone ❤️

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