it's time for a BOT ROLL CALL (long) 

RNN bots:

@Democritus_Junior - trained on Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy - an endless nonsense dictionary
@vulgar - 18th-century criminal slang

@gravidum_cor - Oulipian twin of Burton-bot - Oulipian twin of GLOSSATORY

@voronidols - colouful mysteries of symmetry

Procedural generators:

@Kerlossal - parody of a noted art blog
@amightyhost - an army of procedurally-generated warriors
@reviewofbots - the Bot Review of Books
@isoTropes - the periodic table vs TVTropes
@talkingbotblues - the Talking Random Wikipedia Page Title Blues
@verbquests - failed text-adventure actions
@VictoriaBotter - a hard-earned thirst deservers a big cold bot, and I mean "thirst" in both senses

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