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IT people who use analogy not as a rhetorical device, but as if it had evidentiary value, like an analogy was an isomorphism in maths or something, are comical.

Like this guy who draws an analogy about powered human flight and AI, and then maps the details of one onto the other:

The funny part is that it's the STEMlords doing this when it's a fundamentally pre-modern mode of thought, like a medieval allegory

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Hot take, nerd culture 

@mikelynch Agh yes!! Analogies are useful for understanding and explaining, but utterly useless for arguing or proving anything. Far too many people seem to not understand this.

Hot take, nerd culture 

@mikelynch the important part is not realizing it’s an allegory at all, though. That is absolutely key to letting you think you’re very very smart, and not profoundly ignorant but kinda clever.

Hot take, nerd culture 

@mikelynch (it is also the greatest intellectual vulnerability in the field. People who think like this, uncritically, can be convinced of the most pernicious bullshit imaginable if you can come up with just the right analogy. I spend a fair bit of time at work reminding people that stories are weapons.)

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