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Four Simple Rules for Social Media Distancing

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This social media break is going to be a long one, just wanted to check in but I won't be back for a while. I'm OK, hope you all are too.

(I shouldn't be here and will leave immediately, hope you're all doing ok)

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Gonna take another break from the socials for a week or so. Stay safe, folks.

official 30 day song challenge - day 7 - a song you have adapted to sing to a pet 

Pet Shop Boys, “Paninaro”

When this came out I used to sing the chorus as “bunny narrow” to my pet rabbit, who liked to lie stretched out against the garden wall

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a neural net defines CRAB SAUCE 

CRAB SAUCE: a stronk with spices and cut off and soaps and meat or steamers

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LB combines two of my favourite things about the USA: hip hop and robust institutional support for public domain content

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The Library of Congress has announced Citizen DJ, a huge online repository of 100 years' worth of public domain and open access music clips intended to be remixed in new hiphop music.

You can search the repository by sound/metadata, mix new tracks over hiphop beats, and pull curated "sample packs" to use for more ambitious projects.


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training a quick neural network to predict where to add poetic line breaks in text, based on a large corpus of public domain poetry and taking into account phonetics and semantics. the goal is to be able to enjamb prose passages in a somewhat principled way—after just a handful of epochs, here's what it does to a passage on hyacinths from wikipedia:

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Broad as argo and sorrow, and so do now broop, and was no soon prosprabll carnal can blass, and a grac or sporn was a concord, and so do now and as so boor and plagps, and so arga's son as a sold assarsa was so possagabllasl.

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a neural net defines PERIODICALS 

PERIODICALS: a consequence of being unpleasant

alcohol, home brewing, slightly gross 

Ok this batch looks healthier

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official 30 day song challenge - day 6 - another song with a sick riff 

Laughing Clowns, “When What You See”

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