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Hi and welcome to new fedi folks. I'm Mike. I help researchers work with code and data at the University of Sydney, and when I'm not doing that I'm usually reading, cooking, running around Lane Cove National Park looking for echidnas or making music.

I also post drawings prompted by a neural net at @GLOSSATORY

Hope you like it here.


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New band name: Mum's Friend Steve and the Father Figures.

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a neural net defines BIG GOOD 

BIG GOOD: a series of solid people who are steady and in the internet

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a computational graph's gloss of SPIROG 

SPIROG: Unith Pristifisitist routin and composurant (1917-1996)

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a computational graph's gloss of LOVBAN KITI 

LOVBAN KITI: Italian painting sculptor (1887-1971)

Daily link: unfiction, attention and aesthetics 

ESTAR(SER) — The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization (now incorporating the Society for Esthetic Realizers) — is a private, dedicated body of amateurs, scholars, and interested parties who concern themselves with the historicity of The Order of the Third Bird.

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90% of the work in building an SPA is putting back in stuff that the browser would have given you for free if you just hadn't built an SPA

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This is the ideal scroll bars. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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alcohol, home brew 

Brown ale has had a few of the rough edges sanded off by a further two weeks in the bottle, it’s good


Today's debugging has led me to consider how an ancient PHP app should send user signup verification emails from within a Docker stack, should I

only 90s kids remember 

Just signed myself up to a mailing list so that I can report a bug

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TIL service pups watch movies in theaters as part of their training

Think it's time I made a new visual art bot

Daily link: on the philosophy and philology of chemistry; extremely nerd 

Mendeleev’s Elemental Ontology and Its Philosophical Renditions in German and English

Not so much hair-splitting as atom- or Grundstoff-splitting

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Expired: Harry Potter cultural references

Wired: Earthsea cultural references

Inspired: Hainish Cycle cultural references

(I initially posted is on :birdsite: , then realised only people on :mastodon: will actually get it)

Daily link: I promise I'll stop posting examples of awful blog posts now 

Did... did an AI write this

(I subscribed to the R bloggers aggregator a month or so ago because I'm teaching myself the language, but am dropping it because as with many aggregators, there's no quality control)

computer grumble 

Nothing captures my dislike for modern desktop environments more than when MacOS scrambles to reopen apps after an automatic update, and half of the apps start downloading their own updates and it’s just

Could you please calm down

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