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covid-19 adjacent, mental health 

Four Simple Rules for Social Media Distancing

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Morning link: AI, YouTube link, music 

a neural net extrapolates the Windows 95 startup sound and it goes from Brian Eno to David Lynch

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a neural net defines CARYOPHYLLACEAE 

CARYOPHYLLACEAE: aquatic icebum swallows founcelike aquatic insect having less egg-shape eggs annual to raise

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Sydney weather toot 

Lightning strike so close that I couldn't count between seeing the bolt and hearing it. Better get my washing in once my heart climbs down out of my throat.

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"I hid with him thy frictic' lift thy bright with him,
My mirth thirty yirm, which much blimbri gly,
Thy lift imit it immirit, thick, clymbur, light,
Thirty-twithdrum, light,
Thick drivil'll my lift, thick,
Thick drivilgity, frightly, friviy'd, livid,

Morning link: art / underwater / 19th century 

En Pleine Mer: The Underwater Landscapes of Eugen von Ransonnet-Villez

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a neural net defines OBJECT-ORIENTED RITE 

OBJECT-ORIENTED RITE: a social science for which the principal deliberate appeal to do something

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every day for the last week i have thought about this hare that lived 518 years ago

LB: as the proud father of a trans son AND gay daughter, I’m expecting this news to result in a lot of impassioned text messages today

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"Elliot Page, the Oscar-nominated star of 'Juno' and Netflix’s 'The Umbrella Academy,' has announced he is transgender."

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Morning links, neural networks, computational biology 

DeepMind seems to have cracked* the protein folding problem

*predictions are accurate on the order of experimental methods

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Please enjoy 1001 BASIC Games, A Novel #NaNoGenMo

The generating code is a one-line Apple //e or //c program of maximal length:


NaNoGenMo2020, bad computer-generated poetry 

Pessoatron - 720 imaginary Portuguese poets

An homage to Fernando Pessoa and Raymond Queneau

Morning link: Russia, sf, cyberpunk, YouTube 


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a computational graph's gloss of SPRUCK 

SPRUCK: lumb trump fruggr mull trump culturply

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The Planet Jupiter, Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, 1882.

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