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Hi and welcome to new fedi folks. I'm Mike. I help researchers work with code and data at the University of Sydney, and when I'm not doing that I'm usually reading, cooking, running around Lane Cove National Park looking for echidnas or making music.

I also post drawings prompted by a neural net at @GLOSSATORY

Hope you like it here.


food, non-veg, adventures in text encoding 

I’m glad I looked carefully at the amount of cinnamon before I dumped ó teaspoons into the Moroccan lamb casserole

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Do I know anyone who has experience with the Django framework, and who is willing to do some paid consultation work for building an intranet at $dayjob? :boost_ok:

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"Wine is the world of more jests," _Corporum puellis est, et pro existimine lubrico, contendit suos_.

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@mikelynch even more so for "Alphabet"


If you refer to them as "Meta" you're a cop

Daily link: Renaissance weirdness, lewd art in link 

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and the Architecture of Dreams

alternative title: "incunabula that look like shitposts"

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every time I teach programming I am reminded how far away from like 99% of everyone else's daily experience when we talk about digital liberation: most people I teach from scratch have never seen monospaced text, and the concept of a "syntax" as a structured series of characters is entirely novel. we fight a losing fight by losing sight of that while discussing the esoteric parts underneath, and we fight an exclusionary fight by supposing that's not important.

sport, Western Sydney 

The young ABC reporter vox-popping punters on Church St wearing a Parra scarf over her headscarf 💙💛💙💛

(I’m a Wests fan but most of the rest of my family are Eels)

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Introducing Everything Open, the grassroots open technologies conference covering Linux, open source software, open hardware, open data and the communities around them. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Naarm (Melbourne), Australia in March 2023.

#everythingopen #opensource #opentechnology

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a neural net defines FRIEDWAY SUPERIORITY 

FRIEDWAY SUPERIORITY: extinct animal that forms the brain

Daily link: linguistics 

Language Log on the International Phonetic Alphabet and its discontents

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the immediate ancestor of european chess is the perso-arabic game of šaṭranj (شَطْرَنْج), which developed out the indian game of caturaṅga (चतुरङ्ग) probably around the 7th century ce, and crossed into sicily and al-andalus from the maghreb around the 10th century. the name of this game gives the name of chess in the ibero-romance languages eg spanish ajedrez, portuguese xadrez (from old portugues axadrez); typical of arabic loans into ibero-romance, the arabic definite article aš- has been reinterpreted as part of the word. the words in the germanic (english chess, german schach), italian (scacco), gallo-romance (french echeque, catalonian xec), and slavic languages (russian шахматы šakhmaty, polish szachy) instead come from the persian word šâh, 'king', in the expression šâh mât, literally '(the) king (is) amazed' but reinterpreted in arabic to mean 'the king is dead', whence also 'check' and 'checkmate'

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bot blues 

Talking Comparison of HTML Parsers Blues

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a computational graph's gloss of ACTINIDIA 

ACTINIDIA: a group of minutapus mammals comprising orangings and disastrous organs and taxonomics and fungi

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Optus; anecdata 

I don’t think it’s confined to Optus, I think most organisations with big IT departments are full of guys like this, but still

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