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I’m a python guy and all but gee, Salt is a total wtf... who would even try this when Ansible exists 😵 I see no positive qualities whatsoever... I can’t understand why you’d do it

Just rebooted 4 VPN gateways all at once and looked at the time: literally was 13:13:13


@koosli so the entire Highlander film is on YouTube (somehow not been pulled?) and I am again inexplicably drawn in despite, well, everything 😅

My sister Céleste and I have a running competition of the worst mess people make of our ‘foreign’ names. The subtle racism of “you must’ve got your own name wrong, here I’ll fix it for you”

Je viens de terminer un boulot pour Freedom of the Press (FPF), c’était chouette ! 💌

Je cherche du travail avec des organisations similaires dans le domaine de l’infosec, entre 10 et 20 heures par mois. 🧅🔐

Je travaille en tant que admin sys « freelance » depuis 2007. Je vis en Australie mais travaille majoritairement avec des entreprises en Europe et aux États-Unis.

Si mon profil vous intéresse ou si vous souhaitez plus d’informations, merci de visiter

Just finished up a sysops consulting gig at Freedom of the Press (FPF), it was great! 💌

Looking for more consulting roles ~ 10-20 hrs a month in that sort of space 🧅🔐

I’m a freelance sysadmin consultant since 2007. I live in Australia but work mostly with European or USA clients.

If interested or if you want more info, please visit

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I switched a bunch of services (SSH, IMAP, a private Redmine instance) to v3 onion services this weekend. It’s kinda cool to see all those apps listening only on localhost via netstat 😊 and not have to monitor whether certbot is renewing certs ok. Meanwhile I get to make more use of Whonix VMs than before

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I couldn’t find one on the fediverse, so I set up @qubesos to follow the website feed

I seem to have a social media shelf life of about 2 weeks


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