@joshua oh yeah I’ve had this one a few times. My dad too. He likes to make a counter offer and offer to pay them *to* share his porn browsing history with family just coz he thinks that’d be funny :) twisted logic that always mystifies the scammer

I’d actually pay good bitcoin just to not ever see ‘catched’ conjugated again

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@Quadragondin en (surtout) anglais américain, on entend aussi “you’ve gotta” (encore plus familier) ou même “you gotta” (*super* familier).

Du coup, y ayant réfléchi, je suis convaincu que “you’ve got to” est moins formel, mais l’usage courant. Pas de problème avec “you have to” quand même.

Merci à toi, car c’est ma langue maternelle donc on y pense rarement, et c’est assez intéressant 😊

Bob Mortimer's 'Train Guy' is the funniest thing on the internet right now mashable.com/article/bob-morti

@Quadragondin honnêtement les deux sont corrects. Un.e anglophone ne remarquerait aucune différence. On dirait peut-être que “you’ve got” est plus familier quand on parle, “you have” plus formel/littéraire, mais j’utilise les deux.


@zensaiyuki @grumpysmiffy check out OnlyOffice or Collabora, pretty close competitors to Google Docs and integrates with Nextcloud. nextcloud.com/onlyoffice/

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Today we released our new Home and About pages:

They explain better what Tails is and why activists, journalists, and domestic violence survivors should use Tails.


Thanks @anhdres for the awesome illustrations.

Here're some impressions:
(They include an image description, so that anyone using a screen reader can listen to it. )
#art #drawing

I didn’t realise Nina (who’s helped us on Onionshare UX and of course SecureDrop) was involved with Qubes and that’s super exciting

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Food alcohol gaming 

@Andrea my wife (photographer) has the same trouble... she’s been looking at using Noir Darkroom in Coburg (once all this bullshit is over). noirdarkroom.com/darkroom/

Food alcohol gaming 

@Andrea other people: “hmm this room doesn’t get enough light”

Cellar hunters: “this room doesn’t get too much light!!”

Food alcohol gaming 

@Andrea my in-laws live in Heathcote now, so it’s more like

Me: “I think I need some more of Mr Burke’s 2017”

Father in law: “Ok let’s drive over to his farm and pick up a few cases”


Food alcohol gaming 

@Andrea haha yeah when I like a wine, it’s bought by the case! Er, at one point I even wrote a bot to crawl Grays Online for certain brands that were auctioning off soon at the right sort of price 😬

We’re professionals! That’s my line and I’m sticking to it...

I have a wine rack in my apartment (abysmally bare right now) but yeah, just an ugly storage cage down the road (but it is humidity controlled for wine). I dream of a proper cellar too one day.

@grumpysmiffy just last week I wrote to a client “I have done that thing again where I told you it wasn’t possible and then I figured out a way”. Which implies that that’s become a bit of a trait known by both client and me.

Said client (month to month engagement since end of 2012!) refers to me now as ‘trusted advisor’. I’m just the sysadmin.

Keep at it, even with the day to day difficulty of it, you can turn it into your strength.

Food alcohol gaming 

@Andrea I love those stories! Sometimes I’ve had a wine and it was just ok and then I left it (if I had bought a couple bottles of it) around for a fair few years and it ended up amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk one that old though.

But all my ‘better’ stuff I put in a wine storage unit so I’m not tempted to drink it too quickly :)

Food alcohol gaming 

@Andrea wow “just this ‘77 I had lying around” 😯 I on the other hand am drinking an Adelaide Hills Shiraz Barbera from way back (2018)

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