Cooked up the ability to get a QR code of the URL, perhaps making it easier to share it via Signal etc.

Just a beautiful cover of Sparklehorse’s More Yellow Birds, by Melbourne band Pony Face, off their new EP released overnight 💙💙💙

“Tacitus's political career was largely lived out under the emperor Domitian. His experience of the tyranny, corruption, and decadence of that era (81–96) may explain the bitterness and irony of his political analysis. He draws our attention to the dangers of power without accountability, love of power untempered by principle, and the apathy and corruption engendered by the concentration of wealth generated through trade and conquest by the empire.”

We’ve come so far...

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#jechercheunjob aventurier, je cherche un job en lien avec l'administration Linux au sens large mais surtout avec un vrai sens et pas pour me sentir inutile voir néfaste a la société.
Plutôt senior (voir vieux) j'aime les défis et être challengé, travailler en équipe ou même mener une équipe.
#télétravail ou Nord de la France... Je ne suis pas mobile (enfin ça se discute..)


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