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Je viens de terminer un boulot pour Freedom of the Press (FPF), c’était chouette ! 💌

Je cherche du travail avec des organisations similaires dans le domaine de l’infosec, entre 10 et 20 heures par mois. 🧅🔐

Je travaille en tant que admin sys « freelance » depuis 2007. Je vis en Australie mais travaille majoritairement avec des entreprises en Europe et aux États-Unis.

Si mon profil vous intéresse ou si vous souhaitez plus d’informations, merci de visiter

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Just finished up a sysops consulting gig at Freedom of the Press (FPF), it was great! 💌

Looking for more consulting roles ~ 10-20 hrs a month in that sort of space 🧅🔐

I’m a freelance sysadmin consultant since 2007. I live in Australia but work mostly with European or USA clients.

If interested or if you want more info, please visit

I’d actually pay good bitcoin just to not ever see ‘catched’ conjugated again

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Bob Mortimer's 'Train Guy' is the funniest thing on the internet right now

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Today we released our new Home and About pages:

They explain better what Tails is and why activists, journalists, and domestic violence survivors should use Tails.

Thanks @anhdres for the awesome illustrations.

Here're some impressions:
(They include an image description, so that anyone using a screen reader can listen to it. )
#art #drawing

I didn’t realise Nina (who’s helped us on Onionshare UX and of course SecureDrop) was involved with Qubes and that’s super exciting

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Really need a setting to block all international calls bar one or two ‘approved’ countries, on phones

Starwatcher (via Moebius, redrawn by Eoin Magee)

Don’t look at the local timeline is the new ‘don’t read the comments’

Thank goodness for and appVM firewalls.

Nice try Westpac (my bank), trying to connect to google ad services after I’m logged in 🙄

It should not take a highly skilled I.T expert using a fringe OS and diligent opsec to adequately self-protect banking activity from an advertising conglomerate.

Except that the use of preloaded HTTPSEverywhere rules perhaps undoes ‘decentralised’ in the triangle, but nothing stopping an end user from setting their own rules I guess.

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Interesting. Tor are trying to solve Zooko’s Triangle re: onion address complexity (at least, for SecureDrop instances) via HTTPSEverywhere rules

If you are like me and are in love with , perhaps using it to encrypt your inventory, you might like to know that there’s a plugin for it too. Works great

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Coin flip poll: toss a coin IRL, and let's see what the distribution looks like.

A mega two weeks of porting old puppet to ansible and a big de-duplication in the process. I love with_items so much

@breizh un adminsys qui aime les galettes, mais c’est moi quoi 😄

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