@mel do you know why this is nonsense? My friends, my family, and I (iranians) reported this to Signal years ago when Iran blocked and spoofed the verification sms, and Signal said **years** ago that they will do something about it. Guess what, we are still waiting! The signal TLS proxy was abandoned for over a year despite all the requests from people like me who were hosting it, and now suddenly you merged PRs 6h ago!

Enough with the BS and these kind of publicity stunts.


We have all the emails, toots, tweets, etc. about this that Signal just stood by and didn't do jack all these years. I've poured enough € in this

Wanna help? Get rid of the damn sms verification. No one can use signal if they have changed their phones during the past few years or have done format to factory.

Wanna help? Open the damn issue pages on TLS proxy so people can ask for help for running it.

Wanna help? Be real

I'm so fed up with this stunts people are pulling.

@mel Btw, all these are meant for that Meredith who had the audacity to write that damn blogpost just because #iran is trendy. It had nothing to do with you that kindly posted that link. 🍻

I'm just frustrated that I have been pushing for a fix in Signal's attitude for about two years and yet they make such bold claims and they initiate such stunts left and right just to get their names on the wave. 🤦‍♂️

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