choo choo muthafuckah I’m on a train… to wyong

shout out to the tv show reservation dogs for bringing back this classic:

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BREAKING: Magistrate drops all charges!

Lismore local, Mali faced up to 2 years in prison after blocking the Sydney Harbour Tunnel in June. They were charged under NSWs new draconian anti-protest laws. All charges were just dropped.

Bad news. The Optus hacker has released 10,000 customer records and says a 10K batch will be released every day over the next four days if Optus doesn't give into the extortion demand.

Optus opposed giving consumers a right to erase their personal information, citing “significant technical hurdles,” it reported. The company also opposed greater consumer power to take legal action against companies over data breaches, the publication wrote.

Why do people climb the ladder? “Because it’s there.” And when they don’t have any other goals, the ladder fills a vacuum.

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went for a walk to an event and it turns out I walked to the wrong park.

this week’s macrovoices podcast is fire (can’t find fire emoji on this thing). jim bianco is the guest.


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