hey there! I’m max - from tasmania, and heard about mastodon from a friend, so thought I’d check it out! I’m in a band & involved in the theatre scene down here, glad to be finally getting into performing with easing restrictions.

bought a harmonica today. barely know how to play, but who cares except for the people in my immediate vicinity?

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@maxim Welcome!

I’m sure I’ve got a harmonica somewhere that I never learned to play. Any tips?

@urbanfuzzy find someone to play with! recently I just jammed with a friend, if the song matches the key of the harmonica you can’t really go wrong, and soon you’ll just wanna learn how to do the really cool things - online tutorials are my best resource!!

@maxim Welcome! I learned harmonica in college. It's highly motivating to practice bending notes at 7am after your neighbours have been partying until 3am: at least that was what I found.

@engtao haha yes I’m learning of the most optimal & suboptimal times to practice very quickly!

@maxim Hi, Max! I don't know what other social media platforms you may have used, but here is pretty friendly, so I hope you enjoy it!

@grumpysmiffy judging on how my first days are going, I think I really will!!

@maxim Hi Max! I'm in nipaluna/Hobart. I've always wanted to participate in the theatre scene here but have struggled to find ways that are inclusive for people to participate who might be at different levels. Any tips?

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